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Victoria (Telemundo Series)

Victoria is the title of a Spanish-language telenovela about a woman who falls in love with a dashing younger man, when her marriage collapses around her. It is produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo and RTI Colombia. This limited-run series debuted in the US on December 4, 2007, after La Esclava Isaura finished. Filmed in Bogota, it stars Victoria Ruffo, Mauricio Ochmann, Arturo Peniche, Geraldine Bazan Terra.com, La actriz mexicana Geraldine Bazan deja Miami para grabar telenovela en Colombia January 10, 2007. and Andrea Lopez.

The series has been released on DVD in the USA in a condensed version with optional English subtitles.


In her 25th wedding anniversary party, Victoria Mendoza (Victoria Ruffo) finds out her husband Enrique Mendoza (Arturo Peniche) has a mistress, Tatiana Lopez (Andrea Lopez). Suddenly Victoria's whole life crashes around her as she realizes her marriage is wrecked. As she tries to heal the pain of her husband's adultery, she meets the 33-year-old Jeronimo (Mauricio Ochmann) out of the blue.

Victoria falls for this younger man, giving her a second chance at the true love and passion missing in her loveless marriage. Many of her loved ones oppose her relationship, including her daughters Paula (Geraldine Bazan) and Mariana (Laura Perico), her mother Mercedes (Margalida Castro) and her ex husband. They blame her for the breakup. On the other hand, her son Santiago (Ricardo Abarca) offers unconditional support. While her younger daughter Mariana (Laura Perico) is supposed to be going to university but isn't, she instead goes to a bar. The owner of the bar, Pacho, gets girls high and then rapes them. And that's what happened to Mariana. Mariana met him because of her other "friend" Arturo. Mariana actually wanted to get together with Arturo but Pacho convinced her into getting with him supposedly just to make Arturo jealous. Victoria has many problems but does she know she has those problems? Can she solve them? So Victoria faces a difficult decision: either fight to keep true love alive or surrender and let it slip away.


Victoria is a remake of Senora Isabel, a 1993 Colombian soap. This story was also filmed for Mexican TV in 1997 as Mirada de mujer (The Gaze of a Woman). Telemundo broadcast English subtitles as closed captions on CC3. This show's working titles were Tiempos de Victoria (''Victoria's Times), Senora Isabeland The Mauricio Ochmann Project''.

The show's premiere on Telemundo reached 782,000 core adult (ages 1849) viewers, according to NTI, and over 1.5 million total viewers overall. The network expanded the series' run to about 160 chapters from the standard length, 120 shows. It has not announced any plans to remake Mirada's sequel, El Regreso (The Return). Geraldine Bazan won a Latin ACE Award for "Best Inspiring Young Actress" during her role as Paula.


Victoria airs on Caracol TV in Colombia, on Telemundo in the United States, Televisa (on Galavision) in Mexico, on POP TV in Slovenia, on FOX TV in Serbia, on NTV Hayat in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on Acas in Bucharest, Romania, from August 2009 in Slovakia on TV Domaand Shant Tv in Armenia and from August 2009 in Iran on Farsi1 Satellite TV Channel. farsi1 censored some scenes of this series as french kisses to adapted it with Iranian culture.

Alternate ending

On August 4, 2008 Telemundo broadcast the alternate ending of Victoria through Yahoo! Telemundo. It was the first alternate ending of a Spanish Telenovela ever aired by Telemundo in the United States.


Product placements in the US version of this show include: JCPenney, T-Mobile Scrubbing Bubbles, Budweiser, Bud Light, Windex, Oust, Lysol, State Farm, Visa, Lowes, The Home Depot, Walmart and Pledge. In some cases, Telemundo news programs can be seen or heard while characters are watching TV, even though this show is not specifically set in the United States.


(in order of appearance)

Victoria Ruffo .... Victoria Santiesteban de Mendoza -

Arturo Peniche ... Enrique Mendoza -

Mauricio Ochmann .... Jeronimo Ernesto Acosta - ''

Geraldine Bazan .... Paula Mendoza - daughter of Victoria and Enrique, lawyer

Andrea Lopez .... Tatiana Lopez - former lover of Enrique, mother of enrique's child felipe"

Diana Quijano .... Camila Matiz - friend of Victoria

Javier Delgiudice .... Gerardo Cardenas - husband of Helena and father of Arturo

Laura Perico .... Mariana Mendoza - daughter of Victoria and Enrique, radio host

Ricardo Abarca .... Santiago Mendoza - son of Victoria and Enrique, singer

Adriana Romero....Valeria Saenz - Loves Jeronimo

Jose Julian Gaviria....Martin Acosta - son of Silvia and Jeronimo

Patricia Grisales]]..... - Carlota Velandia ''friend and adssociate of Victoria"

Margalida Castro .... Mercedes 'Meme' de Santiesteban - mother of Victoria

Laura Londono .... Eliza - 'amiga de Mariana'

Andres Felipe Martinez ..... - 'Guillermo' - el jefe de Jeronimo

Roberto Manrique .... Sebastian Villanueva - ''Paula's Husband

Camilo Trujillo .... - Arturo Cardenas - son of Helena and Gerardo Cardenas

Ricardo Gonzalez .... - Henry - friend of Jeronimo

Maria Helena Doehring .... Helena de Cardenas - wife of Gerardo and mother of Arturo

Natalia Bedoya .... - Estrella - girlfriend of Santiago

Julio del Mar .... - Bernardo Solis doctor of Camila

Lucero Gomez .... dona Thea

Paola Diaz....Silvia - Jeronimo's ex-wife, died"

Angela Carrisoza

David de Oliveira

Edmundo Troya ... ex of Camila

Maria Leon Arias ... Marlene

Rene Figueroa

Fernando Corredor

Luz Mary Arias .... Marlene

Mariano Fernandez

Fabio Camero Jr.

Maru Giraldo

Gloria Pinilla

Fernanda Gonzalez

Adriana Lopez

Daniel Calderon .... Santiago's friend

Naren Daryanani

Victor Hugo Trespalacios .... Elvis

Luis Carlos Galeano

Sebastian Eslava .... Pacho

Daniel Quintero

Sonia Rico

Diego Camacho

Maria Emilia Kamper

Claudio Fernandez

Javier Felipe Rodriguez

Mario A. Parra

Paula A. Herrera

Karol Aza

Jackeline Aristizabal

Alex Rodriguez

Ximena Salamanca


Based on the Original Story of:

Bernardo Romero Pereiro

Monica Agudelo Tenorio

Screenplay by:

Jimena Romero

Lina Uribe

Art Director:

Piedad Arango


Jorge Parra


Paola Triana

Costume Designer:

Consuelo Sierra


Jacqueline Maiorga

Original Music:

Miguel de Narvaez

VP of Talent:

Joshua Mintz

Additional Arguments:

Margarita Londono

Photography Directors:

Mauricio Cadavid

Roberto Cortez


Alejandro Castro

Ricardo Morales


Mauricio Gonzalez

Diego Rene Garcia


Tatiana Gomez

Chief of Production:

Oscar Guarin


Rodolfo Hoyos

Andres Bermann

Executive Producer:

Hugo Leon Ferrer

External links

[*] Telemundo Website

[*] Official "Victoria" Website

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