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Victorinos is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo. It debuted on June 23, 2009, replacing Sin Senos no hay Paraiso and concluded February 5, 2010

The telenovela is a remake of the 1991 RTI Colombia weekly series Cuando Quiero Llorar No Lloro (best known in Colombia as Los Victorinos), which in turn is based in the homonymous 1970 novel by Venezuelan writer Miguel Otero Silva. Interestingly, Ramiro Meneses, who is currently directing the Telemundo telenovela, starred as one of the Victorinos in the 1991 RTI series.

The serial ran from Monday to Friday to run for over 26 weeks. As with most of its other soap operas, the network broadcasts English subtitles as closed captions on CC3. Ironically, this show was replaced by the original serial of the show, it had replaced. .


The story begins with four men, all born the same day, each named Victorino. The first one (Victorino Mora), poor and less fortunate, was born into a loving family composed by his mother and stepfather and later on, 2 younger siblings. Not much longer however, his biological father killed the man he knew as his dad and doomed him to a life of crime filled with hate and vengeance.

The second one is born into a family of upper class (Victorino Gallardo). His father was a criminal and when he turned old enough, he followed into his father's steps.

The third one was born in a middle class family and appreciated all the good things he had in his life (Victorino Manjarres). Since birth his father pushed him to be a general in the army, but could not and ended serving in the police department.

And, the fourth one (Victorino Perez), was born to a schemer and his much younger buxom wife, they see having a child as an inconvienance to their rich lifestyle, as a result they put him up for adoption and was later adopted into a middle class family. His adoptive mother (Gloria) was a tool for a gay couple ( Franchesca and Julian Perez) who wanted to adopt him, but later on stayed and became part of the family.

The day of their birth, a prominent fortune-teller predicted their fate: The day when the three Victorino's meet, one of them will die. It's soon discovered by Victorino Gallardo's mother that there's not THREE but FOUR Victorinos, and the fortune-teller's assistant (Phillip duMonde) remembers the fortune-teller saying that when four of the same name and same birth date meet, TWO of them will die.

It is noted to say, that all through the show, there's been occasions where THREE Victorinos were at the same place, the same time, and when this would happen, a sudden thunderstorm, with a gust of wind would occur.Very rarely all four Victorinos would meet.

On the Episode shown on Thursday January 14, 2010 the second of the four Victorino's dies (Victorino Perez) as a result of being in the same area of where Victorino Mora was killed, and was shot by one of Victorino Gallardo's henchmen and later died in the hospital). It's here where it's discovered that "the 4th Victorino" (Victorino Perez) isnt named "Victorino" after all, as he was adopted and the adoption agency, misinterpreted his name as being "Victorino" when it was "Victor", (so in theory him being killed did not fulfill the prophecy of two Victorinos being killed). BUT, we learn that another Victorino, one not seen or known about on the program died the same day as Victorino Mora named "Victorino Jimenez", as a result the prophecy was fulfilled and was not averted, and there will be a new prophecy, and it begins just three months after the deaths of the Victorinos.

The new prophecy ironically enough, involves the two Victorinos that survived the last prophecy. and it involves three women all named "Victorina", the first Victorina, (Victorina Salinas) is a psychologist and clairvoyant, who though is engaged to a pilot named Marcos, falls in love with Victorino Manjarres.

The second Victorina, (Victorina Fernandez) is a lifeguard at a five-star resort owned by a multi-millionaire (Mr. Crosweit), he would later fall in love with her, and have aspirations of promoting her to the position as the head supervisor of all the lifeguards of all his resorts. But, she meets Victorino Gallardo, who's at that resort hiding out after the deaths of the Victorinos, and persuades her to marry then kill Mr. Crosweit, and each split the inheritance half and half. Sge would later deceive Victorino but decides to go forward with the plan to marry and then kill him for the money.

The third Victorina, (Victorina Cruz), ran away from her hometown with her younger sister, to escape the murderer of her parents, whom wants her or her sister as his wife, she later gets mistaken as a criminal, meets a prisoner (Lucia), who suggests she should be a boxer, due to her fighting skills. She would coincidentally move in with Lina Maria, Karen and Amparo (Victorino Mora's family) whom had a vacant room available.

At the end, this prophecy and seemingly any other possible prophecy becomes averted by the success of a ritual performed by Phillip duMonde (the professor who was the assistant to the fortune-teller mentioned earlier), Martina Manjarres (Victorino Manjarres' mother) and Victorina Salinas, where they successfully follow the scrolled instruction, and essentially turned away death. As a result, none of the Victorinas were killed for falling in love with a Victorino.

The 2nd Victorino (Victorino Gallardo) gets killed by getting shot by the 3rd Victorino (Victorino Manjarres), whom that same day was reinstated into the police, 4 times in the torso. But, since this death was not as a result of a Victorina falling in love, this death does not count as a result of the prophecy.

Victorina Fernandez does not succeed with the attempt on Mr. Crosweit's life and her and Marcos (Victorina Salinas' ex-fiance and later revealed as Mr. Crosweit's pilot) get arrested by the police, Victorina for the assassination attempt on Mr. Crosweit, and Marcos for attempting to help her leave the country.

The rest of the events, take place, months later as Victorina Cruz, in a sense coming full circle, meets the woman she met in the jail (Lucia) for the country's championship and defeats her and then later, wins the world title.

Victorina Salinas gets married to Victorino Manjarres on their 25th birthday , and Victorina ends up getting pregnant, expecting a boy.

And, in the end Victorino Manjarres gets promoted for his work with the destruction of Victorino Gallardo and his "Clan Gallardo" and is the new captain, with the possibility of being promoted to his ultimate goal, as stated in the early episodes of the serial, as a general.


Telemundo set a ratings record for the debut of its new telenovela, Victorinos. Based on final Nielsen ratings, the show, an original Telemundo production, which aired from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m., averaged 995,000 adult 18-49 viewers, making it the Spanish-language nets highest-rated original 10 p.m. premiere in network history. [*]


Main Cast In Order of Appearance:

Secondary Cast in Order of Appearance:

Claude Pimont .... Norman Ragner - French mentalist, professor

Carlos Balocco

Carlos Escruceria

Jose Menendez

Fernando Arango

Gloria Echeverria

Carlos Arrango

Edisson Polo

Florencio Torres

Katerine Diaz

Alberto Zornoza

Natally Torres

Alejandra Guzman

Valentina Lizcano

Jeimy Vargas

Julian Bustamante

Monica Jaramillo

Indhira Serrano

Jaime Correa

Luis Carlos Prieto

Julio Cesar Mendoza

Orlando Botero

Ramon Hernandez

Juan Carlos Solarte

Rafael Pulido

Leonardo Cuan

Flor Vargas

Eliecer Osorio

Mario Parra

Patricia Bermudez

Tatiana Munoz

Diego Giraldo

Alexander Garibello

Santiago Munevar

Stephania Hurtado

Rene Figueroa

Carlos Torrado

Vianeth Canon

Maria Leon Arias Cano


Screenplay and Adaptation

Gustavo Bolivar


Gustavo Bolivar

Yesmer Uribe

Art Director

Gabriela Monroy


Ricardo Perdomo


Claudia Carvajal

Costume Designer

Consuelo Sierra

Make up

Jacqueilne Mayorga

Directors of Photography

Alejandro Garcia

Roberto Cortes

Camera Directors

Cesar Contreras

Orlando Pirela

Wilmer Banol


Hector Cardona Jr.

Mauricio Rodriguez

Original Music

Miguel de Narvaez


Alba Merchan Hamann

Diego Rene Garcia

Mauricio Gonzalez L.

Production Chief

Jorge Sastoque Roa


Ramiro Meneses

Mario Mitrotti

Executive Producer

Hugo Leon Ferrer

Production of


RTI Colombia

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