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El Cuerpo del Deseo

El cuerpo del Deseo (The Body of Desire) also known as Second Chance is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by Telemundo and Film in Florida. This telenovela aired in several countries like Argentina, Malaysia, Poland, Philippines, Slovakia and Spain. This limited-run series is about a man who comes back from the dead and discovers dark secrets about his beautiful widow. It first aired in 2005 and was a smash hit on Telemundo. The first version of El cuerpo del Deseo was En Cuerpo Ajeno produced by RTI Colombia in 1992.

Story and production

The story features Pedro Jose Donoso (Andres Garcia), a wealthy old man in love with a gorgeous younger woman, Isabel Arroyo (Lorena Rojas). He dies suddenly, but returns to Earth through transmigration: (the passing of a soul into another body after death), in the body of Salvador Cerinza (Mario Cimarro), a handsome (yet poor) family man. Pedro Jose searches for everything he lost, uncovering secrets, truths and deceptions. Ultimately, he must set things straight and save those who truly loved him.

This melodrama about wealth, youth and power was filmed in Miami. It is a remake of Julio Jimenez's En Cuerpo Ajeno ("In a Foreign Body"), a 1992 RTI Colombia serial. In 2006, NBC commissioned Cuban author Erick Hernandez Mora to write a follow-up novel, El deseo ajeno (Possessed By Desire), which was published by Simon & Schuster.

Universal Studios released an abridged 720-minute version of the saga on DVD in 2006. Telemundo announced an encore of the complete run beginning May 29, 2007 on its daytime lineup, but decided not to air it.

El cuerpo del Deseo aired on Telemundo weekdays from 12pm to 2pm, starting on September 15, 2008.

Proposed English version

In early 2006, NBC announced plans to develop Body of Desire, an English-language version of the series, with Julio Jimenez as executive producer. That same year, it inked a two-year deal with Los Angeles-based production company Galan Entertainment to adapt Deseo and other Spanish serials for use on NBC, Bravo and USA Network.. None of the productions have aired. In 2007, NBC announced another try at adapting the genre: Without Breasts There Is No Paradise.

International Broadcast

El Cuerpo del Deseo was shown in India over Sahara One Media Television Network's Firangi Channel titled as "Second Chance" dubbed in Hindi as of June 2008.

El cuerpo del Deseo was shown in the Philippines over ABS-CBN dubbed in Filipino as of March 24, 2008 under the same title. It was one of the highest rating dramas on ABS-CBN's afternoon line-up.

El cuerpo del Deseo was shown twice in Cyprus over Sigma TV dubbed in Greek on 2006 and 2007.

El cuerpo del Deseo has been airing in Ghana on Net2 Tv since April 2008, under the name Second Chance.

It is also being shown in Canada, on telelatino and tln en espanol.

El cuerpo del Deseo has been airing in Nigeria on AIT (African Independent Television) 2008 under the name Second Chance.

El cuerpo del Deseo has been airing in Slovakia on TV Markiza 2008 under the name Tuzba tela.

El cuerpo del Deseo has been airing in Uganda on NTV (Nation Television) 2008 under the name Second Chance.

El cuerpo del Deseo has been airing in Tanzania on ITV (Independent Television) 2009 under the name "Second Chance".

El cuerpo del Deseo has been airing in Sweden on 7 in 2009 under the name "The Spirit of Pedro".

El cuerpo del Deseo has been airing in Armenia under the name "Secon chanse".

El cuerpo del Deseo has been airing in Slovenia on POP TV under the name "Nova priloznost".

El cuerpo del Deseo has been airing in Romania on Acasa TV under the name Trupul dorit.

El cuerpo del Deseo has been airing in Serbia on FOX TV and DM Sat TV under the name Druga strana ljubavi.


Andres Garcia .... Don Pedro Jose Donoso

Mario Cimarro .... Salvador Cerinza / Pedro Jose Donoso

Lorena Rojas .... Isabel Arroyo - main heroine, not villain but did some bad things

Martin Karpan .... Andres Corona - employee of Don Pedro Jose,lover of Isabel, villain

Vanessa Villela .... Angela Donoso - daughter of Pedro Jose, in love with Antonio

Anna Silvetti .... Abigail Dominguez - housekeeper at Donoso mansion, mother of Antonio and Simon

Erick Elias .... Antonio Dominguez - son of Abigail, in love with Angela

Pablo Azar .... Simon Dominguez - son of Abigail, in love with Valeria

Roberto Moll .... Walter Franco - butler at Donoso mansion, villain

Jeannette Lehr .... Gaetana Charry - witch, friend of Pedro Jose

Martha Picanes .... Rebecca Macedo - aunt of Isabel and Valeria, villain

Diana Osorio .... Valeria Guzman - cousin of Isabel

Yadira Santana .... Victoria - maid at Donoso mansion

Liz Coleandro .... Nina Arroyo - mother of Isabel, villain

Rosalinda Rodriguez .... Cantalicia Muneton - wife of Salvador Cerinza

Vivian Ruiz .... Guadalupe - friend of Gaetana

Eduardo Serrano.... Felipe Madero - artist, friend of Cantalicia

Sonia Noemi .... Pilar - friend of Rebecca

Arianna Coltellacci .... Consuelo Guerrero -

Sabrina Olmedo .... Matilda Serrano - employee of Gaetana

Alcira Gil .... Dona Lilia -

Tania Lopez .... Inirida Fernandez -

Marella Mata .... Juanita - maid at Donoso mansion

Marcela Serna .... Nora - maid at Donoso mansion

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