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Gabriela, giros del destino

Gabriela, giros del destino is a 2009 Colombian telenovela produced and broadcast by Caracol TV. Before its release, it was known as Nadie rueda como Gabriela Rueda.


Gabriela, Destiny rounds

Gabriela Rueda (Carolina Gaitan) is a 23-year-old woman from a middle class background, passionate for skating, dreaming of becoming successful in that sport. Pablo Cordoba (Andres Toro) belongs to a rich family, being son of Efrain (Luis Fernando Munera), the owner of Malterias Tropical, a big beverage company, living as a womanizer, with nothing to worry about.

Their paths cross each other in the worst way. Gabriela travels to Cartagena, seeking to qualify for the Colombia's national roller skating team. When she is training, Pablo, driving his car after having an argument with his girlfriend Martina (Fiona Horsey), knocks Gabriela down. Pablo takes Gabriela to the hospital, but when he was to be questioned by the police, his family lawyer asks him to leave for the United States. Gabriela, who does not know who knocked her down, recovers but is told that she will never be able to skate again, ruining her dreams of becoming a professional skater.

Six months later, Pablo comes back to Colombia, set to become the manager of the company his father runs. But Efrain decides to make Pablo to work for his company as a common employee for one year, hiding his true origins. Gabriela manages to get a job at Malterias Tropical, where her neighbour Ernesto Zarate (John Alex Toro), who is interested in her, works as an executive. Meanwhile, Veronica Maldonado (Carolina Sepulveda), who also works at the factory, knows who Pablo really is and feels attracted to him. Pablo tries to vindicate himself with Gabriela, but, unable to tell her he was who knocked her down in Cartagena, ends falling in love with her.

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* Gabriela, giros del destino on the Caracol TV International catalogue
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