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La mujer en el espejo

La Mujer en el Espejo (The Woman in the Mirror) is the title of a Colombian telenovela that first aired in Colombia in 1997 and that was later "Miamized"* in 2004 by Telemundo. The 2004 version featured some actors and actresses that gained popularity by being in the soap opera Pasion de Gavilanes which was the Miamized version of another Colombian soap opera titled "Las Aguas Mansas". Paola Rey, Juan A. Baptista, Natasha Klauss and Kristina Lilley were all stars of the same telenovelas.

The original version was written by Andres Huertas and Magda Quintero, and directed by Luis Orjuela. It featured Geraldine Zivic (Mariana Ferrer), Marcela Benjumea (Ana Soler/Mariana Ferrer), Gustavo Angel (Alejandro Santos), and Jorgue Enrique Abello (Camilo Linares).

Plot of the original version

Juliana Soler is an intelligent woman who is in control of her abilities yet is regarded as being ugly by her male coworkers. Her talents, unbeknownst to her, place her in the middle of a storm and she soon becomes the target of those who dislike her. In time Juliana becomes pregnant by a man she loves, Marcos Mutti, but she is accused of a crime she did not commit. Unfortunately, when she tries to run away from the police who are trying to imprison her, she is involved in an accident and she miscarries. In order to avenge herself and her lost child, she makes a deal with the devil, Barbara Montesinos. The devil then transforms her into a stunning blond; however, she cannot stand in front of mirrors because they reflect her true image.

Main characters

Paola Rey ... Juliana Soler / Maritza Ferrer

Juan Alfonso Baptista ... Marcos Mutti

Gabriela Vergara ... Barbara Montesinos de Mutti

Natasha Klauss ... Luzmila

Kristina Lilley ... Regina Soler

Javier Gomez ... Gabriel Mutti

Alfredo Ahnert ... Charlie

Rossana Fernandez Maldonado ... Xiomara

Marcelo Buquet ... Juan Tobias Fonseca

Xilena Aycardi ... Barbara Montesinos (burnt)

Paulo Cesar Quevedo ... Alberto Gutierrez

Andres Felipe Martinez ... Paco Tapia

Pedro Moreno ... Nino Arrebato

Maria Adelaida Puerta ... Altamira

Natalia Bedoya ... Ginger

Gloria Gomez ... Mercedes Soler

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