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Cafe, con aroma de mujer

Cafe, con aroma de mujer was a 1994 Colombian telenovela, produced by then programming company RCN TV on state-owned Canal A. It is probably one of the most popular telenovelas on Colombian television. Cronologia del cine latinoamericano: 1990-2004 Yahoo English Translation; please see 1995 Colombia entry. It was written and created by Fernando Gaitan.



This telenovela marked a difference in Latin American telenovelas and the way they were created. The story involved both typical and modern parts of Colombia, taking place in the heart of Colombian coffee plantations and in an important coffee export company.Anna Marie de la Fuente, Beating the telenovela bushes for another 'Betty' - 'Cafe' may be headed for the U.S., Variety, 19 November 2006

Story line

Cafe, con aroma de mujer is about Gaviota (Margarita Rosa de Francisco), a woman who works as a harvester on a plantation and Sebastian Vallejo (Guy Ecker), the grandson of a powerful coffee businessman. When the two meet in a coffee plantation, they begin a passionate affair. Their first encounter end with them having sex for the first time in a coffee plantation and without knowing Sebastian leaves her pregnant and travel to London next morning to continue his studies. However they made a promise, they would meet each other the next year on October (time of the new coffee harvest). But as soon as Sebastian is away in Europe Gaviota finds out she's pregnant. She, then enrolles in a so-called Model Agency with the idea of traveling to Europe and finding Sebastian. But she's fooled by the man who is secretly running a agency of prostitution and human trafficking.Eventually, Sebastian marries another woman. Gaviota decides to enter the mainly male-dominated coffee business empire. She succeeds as the first woman to work in this area. When Gaviota and Sebastian meet again, they find that their passion for each other never died.

The show is especially famed for showing a panoramic and authentic view of the culture of Colombian coffee growers and the traditional heartland of Colombia's coffee-growing highlands.


In a short time, Cafe, con aroma de mujer became popular among audiences of all ages and genders, to the point that anecdotes are popularly told about how the whole country would "come to a standstill" when the show came on the air on weeknights at 20:00. Interestingly, its competition on Canal Uno was Las aguas mansas, produced by RTI Colombia, which would be remade in 2003 as the successful Pasion de gavilanes.

The main actress, Margarita Rosa de Francisco, already popular for her roles in Gallito Ramirez (1986) and Los Pecados de Ines de Hinojosa (1988) and for being a former Miss Colombia (second place in Miss World 1985), gave life to "Gaviota", one of the most popular characters in Colombian television and Margarita's most important work. The story concerns a woman who works as a harvester on a plantation, who falls in love with the son of the plantation owner. The show is especially famed for showing a panoramic and authentic view of the culture of Eje cafetero, the traditional heartland of Colombia's coffee-growing highlands.


Main cast

Margarita Rosa de Francisco ... Teresa "Gaviota" Suarez / Carolina Olivares

Guy Ecker ... Sebastian Vallejo

Alejandra Borrero ... Lucia Sandoval de Vallejo

Cristobal Errazuriz ... Ivan Vallejo

Sylvia de Dios ... Lucrecia de Vallejo

Constanza Duque ... Carmenza Suarez

Supporting cast

Silvio Angel ... Buitrago

Juan Carlos Arango ... Aurelio

Santiago Bejarano ... Miguel Alfonso Tejeiros de Caballero

Oscar Borda ... Harold McLein

Alejandro Buenaventura ... Dr. Roberto Avellaneda

Manuel Busquets ... Dr. Jorge Latorre

Gustavo Corredor ... Rafael Vallejo

Juan Angel ... Dr. Mauro Salinas

Luz Dary Beltran ... Ursula

Gloria Amparo Carmona ... Daniela

Gerardo De Francisco ... Francisco Vallejo

Kenny Delgado ... Dr. Victor Angel

Myriam De Lourdes ... Angela Saenz de Vallejo

Tania Falquez ... Martha Benavides

Danna Garcia ... Marcela Vallejo Cortez

Harry Geithner ... Dr. Carmona

Claudia Liliana Gonzalez ... Daniela Reyes

Jacqueline Henriquez ... Graciela

Lina Maria Navia ... Paula Vallejo Cortez

Haydee Ramirez ... Marcia Pontalvo

Ivan Rodriguez ... Reinaldo Perez

Andrei Satora ... Arthur

Rey Vasquez ... El Galtero

Guillermo Vives ... Bernardo Vallejo Saenz

Dora Cadavid ... Cecilia de Vallejo



Aroma de mujer - "Scent of a woman"

Entre dos fuegos - "Between two fires"

Volveran las Obscuras Golondrinas - "The dark swallows will return"

Mal Amor - "Bad love"

Sangra un corazon - "A heart bleeds"

A mi pesar - "To my regret"

As de Corazones - "Ace of hearts"

Como si nada - "Like if nothing"

Como un cristal - "Like a glass"

Vuelve - "Come back"

Cafe cafe - "Coffee - coffee"

Ni soy rio, ni soy flor - "Neither am river, nor a flower"


Inquietud - "Concern"

Sings Margarita Rosa de Francisco

Remakes planned

An article in Variety reported that the success of Yo soy Betty, la fea spin-offs has led to the search for other telenovelas being planned for the United States. ''While some characters remain and new ones have been added, I think that the U.S. version preserves the spirit of the original 'Betty la fea,' Gaitan says.

Cafe con Aroma de Mujerwas remade in Mexico twice. First TV Azteca produced Cuando seas mia'' in 2001, starring Silvia Navarro and Sergio Basanez as 'Paloma' and 'Diego'. Televisa produced Destilando Amor in 2007, changing coffee for tequila. Dos estrellas en "Destilando amor",

DVD Release

There are no plans to release the novela on DVD. There are however bootleg copies of the novela on DVD.


Cronologia del cine latinoamericano: 1990-2004 Original Spanish article.

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