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Perro Amor

Perro Amor is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo.

The telenovela is a remake of the 1998 Cenpro Television weekly series Perro Amor, which in turn is based in the homonymous 1970 novel by Venezuelan writer Natalia Ospina. Interestingly, Ramiro Meneses, who is currently directing the Telemundo telenovela, starred as one of the Perro Amor in the 1998 Cenpro Television

As with most of its other soap operas, Telemundo will broadcast English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.


The novel tells the story of two lovers: Antonio "the dog" Brando (Carlos Ponce) and Camila Brando (Maritza Rodriguez), who are also cousins. Since they were teens they have been playing at love. Now they are two lovers trying to live a life full of adventure, passion, conquests and bets. Anything Goes: making love in a window in the bathroom of their office, or on Camilla's bed. All under one condition: no love between them, nor for anyone else. Love is a game, and the one who falls in love loses.

Antonio is all set to marry Daniela (Maritza Bustamante), the daughter of his father's business partner. But on their wedding day Camilla makes him one of her famous bets: he wouldn't dare leave the bride at the altar. Antonio accepts the bet and goes through with it, refusing to say "I do" regardless of the likely consequences: Daniela's dad is the largest investor in the Brando family's construction company. Antonio's offensive behavior jeopardizes an important development project in which the Brando family's fortune is tied up, leaving the Brandos on the brink of bankruptcy.

Parallel to this, the cash-pressed Brando family business deceives and defrauds Dagoberto (Gerardo Riveron), who represents a group of poor homeowners. The Brandos take possession of the houses in the neighborhood and then refuse to pay for them. This drives Dagoberto to take his own life rather than face the neighbors who trusted him. His son, Rocky (Khotan Fernandez) swears revenge. Rocky is an honest young man who dreams of being a musician, a promising pop singer who is in love with Sofia (Ana Lucia Dominguez), offering her a sincere love without lies or bets.

But Antonio and Camilla have gone too far, regardless of Sofia. The economic future of the construction company is at stake, along with a whole neighborhood, a family and the happiness of Rocky. But something will change: Antonio's father, Pedro (Victor Camara), puts Antonio out on the street for being irresponsible. Antonio decides to marry Sofia and show his father that has matured, but Sofia already knows what he is, and does not want to have anything to do with him. Antonio, trapped in his own game, has started to really love Sofia but won't admit it to Camila. Camilla, meanwhile, tries to recover Antonio by making life impossible for both him and Sofia, without acknowledging she is in love with him.


Main Cast in Order of Appearance

Secondary Cast in Order of Appearance

Gerardo Riveron .... Dagoberto Perez - ''Rocky's father, dead

Jessica Caldrello

Shafik Palis

Diana Franco

Hector Alejandro

Yeneyt Alonso

Victor Corona

Charles de la Rosa

Yami Gallardo

Carlos Pena

Ronald J. Herrera

Alicia Giraldo

Kevin Aponte

Carlos Bauer

Almircar Barros

Robert Almanza

Ariel Diaz

Hector Fuentes

Yina Velez .... Nany - best friend of Camila

Lucy Gallardo

Onyx .... Onyx - El Perro"


Original Story

Juana Uribe

Andres Salgado

Screenplay Adaptation

Juana Uribe

Maria Clara Lopez

Ana Maria Parra

Sebastian Sanchez

Director of Writers

Roberto Stopello

Literary Direction

Juan Marcos Blanco

Central Theme

"Perro Amor"

Lyrics and Music

Carlos Ponce

Joel Someillian

Original Music

Juan Carlos Rodriguez


Minu Chacin

Ivette Rivero

Action / Product Placement

Maria Eugenia Fernandez


Lily Hurtado


Oscar Cortes

Hernando Gonzalez


Jose Del Pino

Costume Designer

Fiorella Garibaldi


Shirley Nashiro


Hader Antivar Duque

Carlos Sarda


Joaquin Fernandez F.


Mayte Valiente


Gustavo Puerta Serrano

VP of Talent

Joshua Mintz

Coordination of Production

Patricia Uribe

Studio Production

Paola Alliegro

Supervision of Prodution

Jorge Giraldo

Mariana Iskandarani

Aimee Godinez

Photography Direction

Joseph Martinez

Miguel Angel Font

Art Direction

Oscar Cortes Cortes


David Posada

Luis Manzo

Genera Production

Jairo Arcila

Executive Production

Aurelio Valcarcel Carroll


Telemundo Studios

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