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Amantes del Desierto

Amantes del Desierto (Desert Lovers), is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo, RTI Colombia and Caracol Television. This limited-run series ran for 121 episodes from March 19, 2001 to September 04, 2001.


A man and a woman who love each other have to confront the world, in order to defend their feelings. Andres Bustamante has been sentenced to twelve years in the gloomy cliff jail. Colonel Miguel Santana's daughter Barbara helps him escape from jail and takes him to the arid desert to hide. They are chased by Miguel Santana who makes them go through many dangerous adventures in search for freedom.

Desert Lovers is a passionate and adventurous love stoy that takes place between the 50's and 60's. It is starred by Andres Bustamante, a young, modestdoctor, and Barbara Santana, a woman who was born in a time when very conservative ideas ruled society.


Main Cast in Order of Appearance

Secondary Cast in Order of Appearance

Margalida Castro .... Madre Magdalena Libardo Tania - mother of Santos

Lucy Martinez .... Nemesia - ''Barbara's helper witch

Patricia Tamayo .... Isabel - in love with Javier

Carlos Hurtado .... Tono - owner of the bar in the village Esmeralda

Raul Gutierrez .... Sergio Gongora - Rafael's real killer, Javier's lawyer

Maria Luisa Rey .... Maria Gracia - in love with Santos

Liliana Gonzalez .... Josefina - in love with Javier

Carolina Gonzalez

Alberto Leon Jaramillo .... Khalil - owner of the moving circus

Luis Fernando Ardilla

Santiago Bejarano .... Agustin Santana - brother of Miguel, real father of Barbara

Martha Suarez

Guilied Lopez

Vilma Vera .... Gertrudis - sister in chapel

Paola Diaz .... Sabrina Montenegro - workwoman of Khalil, Tomas's lover

Andrea Lopez .... Camila Santana - Agustin's daughter, Barbara's real sister

Roxana Montoya

Julio Echeverri

Julio Cesar Pachon

Julio del Mar .... Aurelio Leon - General of Cliff jail

Roberto Mateos .... Alejandro Garcia - Barbara's doctor, in love with her

Claudia Garcia .... Andrea Bustamante Santana - daughter of Andres and Barbara

Sandra Perez .... Trinidad - member of Bruno's gang

Juan David .... Carlos - Tono's friend

Jose Fernando Perez .... Adrian Fonseca - brother of Pacho

Fernando Corredor .... Procuror Guillermo Munoz - Sergio's accomplice, gets killed by Micaela

Alfonso Rojas .... El Pulgarcito - in love with Filomena, workman of Fonseca's mine

Alejandro Tamayo .... a driver, gets killed by Micaela

Carlos Zerrato .... El Raton - prisoner of Cliff jail, Lucia's brother

Claudia Rocio Mora .... Nelly - Micaela's accomplice nurse

Sigifredo Vega .... Don Carlos - Sara's husband

Luz Mary Arias .... Sara - wife of Carlos''

Jairo Camargo

Xiomara Segura


Original Idea:

Julio Jimenez


Humberto 'Kico' Olivieri

Screenplay by:

Jose Fernando Perez

Ana Martinez

Director of Art:

Piedad Arango

Director of Photography:

Mauricio Cadavid

Costume Designer:

Raul Sanchez


Alfredo Salamanca

Ambientation and Utilities:

Patricia Hoyos

Music Composer:

Miguel de Narvaez

'''''Music Theme 'Dos Corazones Dos Historias' Interpreted:

Julio Iglesias

Alejandro Fernandez


Andres Santamaria

Lucero Venegas


Alba Merchan Hamann

Camera Directors:

Cesar Contreras

Orlando Pirela


David Posada

Agustin Restrepo

General Production:

Arnaldo Limansky

Hugo Leon Ferrer

General Director:'''''

Aurelio Valcarcel Carrol

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