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Bermudez (telenovela)

Bermudez is a 2009 Colombian telenovela produced and broadcast by Caracol TV. It was initially released as Todas odian a Bermudez ("All women hate Bermudez").


The telenovela tells the story of Arturo Bermudez (Victor Hugo Cabrera), a sports journalist who works for Hechos, a Bogota-based weekly current issues news magazine. Bermudez, who excels as a journalist, nevertheless is regarded as an annoying person, who tends to make disrespectful remarks and jokes, especially toward women. The former editor-in-chief of the magazine quit because of Bermudez's behaviour.

Hechos's owner, Gonzalo Lleras (Diego Bertie), who returns to Colombia in order to run his businesses, appoints Silvia Vargas (Valentina Rendon) —at the moment editor-in-chief of an evening newspaper— as the new publisher of the magazine. Both Lleras and Vargas are college classmates of Bermudez, who jokingly refers to Silvia as cuatrolamparas .

Bermudez, who thought he would become the new editor-in-chief of the magazine as he was friends with then publisher Anibal Fernandez (Alberto Leon Jaramillo), is transferred by Silvia from the sports section to the "home and women's issues" section instead, as a punishment for an article by Bermudez published on the magazine during Anibal's tenure, criticizing the role of women in the Police, responsible for security at football stadia during matches , which prompted a backlash among readers and advertisers. Silvia makes Bermudez to rectify the article. Therefore, he is decided to not allow Silvia to "humiliate" him, trying to make Silvia feel bad or angry, with little success. Instead, Vargas ends up helping Bermudez when he needs it.

Unknowingly, Silvia and Arturo have a friendship via internet. On night hours, they chat using the nicks Solitaria and Solitario respectively (both meaning "lonely"). Their anonymity allows them to pour out and support honestly each other, unlike real life.

Silvia has a crush on Gonzalo, whom he calls in secret the jefe papito, because of his looks and apparent gentlemanliness. On the other hand, since college Bermudez has had a crush on Lucia Congote (Andrea Nocetti), who works at a television network owned by her family, and Gonzalo's ex girlfriend. Lucia uses Bermudez in order to upset Silvia, whom she hates , blaming her for "stealing" Gonzalo's love.


Apart from the four main characters, there have been some inconsistencies regarding the other characters' last names, between the initial press releases and related promotional material issued by Caracol TV to the media Sergio Villamizar D., Colprensa, Todos quieren a Victor Hugo, El Pais (Colombia), 2 February 2009 Prensa Canal Caracol, Camerino: Todas odian a Bermudez, actuemos.net and the actual broadcast of the telenovela. In one episode, outgoing Hechospublisher Anibal introduces most of the staff to his successor, Silvia. Arturo, el experto en generar polemica, Bermudezepisode 4, original air date 5 February 2009, Caracol TV The most notorious case is Luz Adriana ("Archila" as for the press releases, "Giraldo" as for episode 3, "Jimenez" as mentioned by Gerardo Bermudez in another episode Paola cree que esta embarazada, Bermudez'' episode 22, original air date 4 March 2009, Caracol TV (Gerardo reproaches his son as he reads the magazine's masthead and finds out Luz Adriana "Jimenez" is the new editor-in-chief)). .

Victor Hugo Cabrera as Arturo Bermudez

Valentina Rendon as Silvia Vargas

Diego Bertie as Gonzalo Lleras

Andrea Nocetti as Lucia Congote

Isabel Cristina Estrada as Paola Ramirez / Paola Rincon

Cecilia Navia as Luz Adriana Archila / Luz Adriana Giraldo / Luz Adriana Jimenez

Carlos Barbosa as Gerardo Bermudez (Arturo's father)

Consuelo Moure as Lola Ortiz de Vargas / Lola Angarita de Vargas Bermudez vuelve a atacar, Bermudez episode 16, original air date 23 February 2009, Caracol TV (Lola introduces herself to Gonzalo Lleras) (Silvia's mother)

Claudia Liliana Gonzalez as Captain Lina Vargas

Andres Felipe Martinez as Rodrigo Mejia

Maria Angelica Mallarino as Olga Guerrero

Ana Maria Arango as Marinita Gonzalez

Carmenza Cossio as Albita (Silvia's secretary)

Claudio Catano as Diego Medina

Maria Isabel Henao as Ana Fernanda Ramirez

Manolo Orjuela as Manuel Aguilar

Natalia Reyes as Marcela Delgado Bermudez, un conquistador innato, Bermudez episode 41, original air date 6 April 2009, Caracol TV (Marcela is introduced by Silvia to the rest of the magazine staff) (from episode 18)

Nestor Rojas Como es la vida amorosa de los famosos?, Bermudez, 2 April 2009, Caracol TV as Yiyo

Gloria Echeverry as Stella (Gonzalo Lleras's secretary)

Kepa Amuchastegui as Lorenzo Castillo Un admirador esta por ser descubierto, Bermudez, episode 44, 13 April 2009, Caracol TV (Olga greets professor Castillo by calling him by his first name)

Maria Cecilia Botero as Cecilia Arbelaez Bermudez saca de sus casillas a Paola, Bermudez episode 98, original air date 9 July 2009, Caracol TV de Lleras

Taliana Vargas Una virreina universal de la belleza en Bermudez, Bermudez, 17 June 2009, Caracol TV as Robin Arzuaga (executive from a Spaniard publishing company)

Maria Claudia Torres La madrastra de Bermudez disfruta de los personajes indecentes, Bermudez, 16 February 2009, Caracol TV as Astrid (until episode 15)

Alberto Leon Jaramillo as Anibal Fernandez (until episode 4)

Marion Zapata as an unnamed personal trainer (episodes 75 to 78)

Mauricio Sarmiento Un restaurador de primera, Bermudez, 9 June 2009, Caracol TV as Danilo Tocarruncho (episodes 77 and 78)

Andres Martinez as Manuel Albornoz, aka Manueca


Only the first 2 episodes were around 1 hour long. From episode 3 onwards, episodes last around half hour. It must be noticed that, since the telenovela is being broadcast in Colombia with half hour or even shorter episodes, the numbering has no relation with the 80 hours produced.

Source: Videos Bermudez - Caracol TV


Though its first episode was the most watched programme in the Colombian primetime on 2 February 2009, Jaime Horacio Arango, Bermudez fue la mas vista anoche, El Colombiano, 3 February 2009 ratings declined because Todas odian a Bermudez was competing against El ultimo matrimonio feliz, rival network RCN TV strongest telenovela at the time. Caracol TV removed the "todas odian a" from the title and Bermudez was moved to a time slot later in the night, Colprensa, Propuestas que no seducen a los televidentes, El Pais (Colombia), 10 April 2009 with shorter episodes. Ratings slowly improved, but RCN TV's own ratings crisis before and after El ultimo matrimonio feliz ended 22 April 2009 Javier Santamaria, Colapso el Rating de RCN, En Rodaje, April 2009 and Caracol TV's primetime overall performance helped Bermudez to stay on the air (whereas rival RCN TV pulled or cut most of its shows premiered in the first quarter of 2009).

On April 2009, El Tiempo claimed Bermudez had been cut from 120 to 80 one hour episodes and that tapings would end by mid-April. Frank Solano / Elenco, "Perdoname, Mariana, estoy viendo 'Vecinos'!" en el Pleque pleque, El Tiempo, 8 April 2009 On the L.A. Screenings 2009, held late May in Los Angeles, Bermudez was introduced as a 80 episode serial. Oferta de Caracol multiplica novelas por seis rumbo a LA Screenings 2009, todotvnews, 7 May 2009

Diego Bertie told a Peruvian newspaper that Bermudez was cut from 120 to 100 episodes, stating that "competition is very hard [in Colombia]." 3 cortitas a: Diego Bertie, Peru 21, 21 May 2009 Ana Maria Arango told El Tiempo she was "sad" it was cut because the character she was playing did not become a journalist "as the scripts stated". Elenco, Recordar es vivir, El Tiempo, 18 June 2009 As of 14 May 2009, Bermudez ratings were higher that any programme broadcast by RCN TV in primetime. Jaime Horacio Arango, El rating del jueves 14 de mayo, El Colombiano, 15 May 2009

The end

On early August 2009, Caracol TV advertised the last episodes of Bermudez, Arturo esta demente? (Avance), Caracol TV, 12 August 2009 though the plot of the telenovela was not foretelling its end, because its main characters were just starting to get closer. On 17 August , Caracol TV broadcast a little advertised 100 minute special Lo mejor de Bermudez, Caracol TV, 17 August de 2009. The next day, its final episode was announced for 21 August. Hundreds of viewers protested on the network's website because of the sudden end of its run, which only solved, in a fast-paced way, the situation of the main characters, leaving the stories of the other characters without conclusion. Seran felices? Aqui esta el gran final, Caracol TV, 21 August 2009 Linakro, Ya mi soledad..., Cuentahistorias, 22 August 2009 chandacol se tiro a bermudez con ese final, Facebook group Apparently, Caracol TV needed to make room for reality show [[Desafio (reality)Desafio 2009: La Lucha de las Regiones, La Revancha|Desafio 2009]] and the series Las munecas de la mafia (at the time known as Las mujeres del cartel). Almys Salgado, Caracol TV Transmite Final de la Telenovela Bermudez, CensuraTV, 20 August 2009 Maria Monica, Llega el final de Todas Odian Bermudez, Entretengo, 21 August 2009 In Colombia the 80 hours filmed (42 minutes plus commercials each) were not completely broadcast.

One day before the final episode was broadcast, Juliana Tabares, journalist for Doble via (a programme of the Caracol TV defensoria del televidente [viewer ombudswoman's office]), claimed that recordings of Bermudez had ended on 30 April and that, despite its short run, it had not been cut not having a different ending to "the one already agreed". Por que los videos de seguridad protagonizan noticias?, Doble via, Caracol TV, 20 August 2009 A week later, Amparo Perez, the network's viewer ombudswoman, recognized that "the final episodes were cut and [Bermudez] was given a fast end where there were even edition flaws", adding that the opinions from the viewers were sent to the Caracol TV "production departament". Quien quiere ser millonario? pasa al tablero de Doble via, Doble via, Caracol TV, 26 August 2009

International broadcasting

The telenovela has been broadcast, under the title Todas odian a Bermudez, on Mexico (52MX), Venezuela (RCTV) and Ecuador (Teleamazonas). Unlike its original run on Caracol TV, the 80 hours produced were broadcast on their entirety in the first two countries.

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