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Me Llaman Lolita

Me Llaman Lolita ("They Call Me Lolita") is a Spanish-language telenovela, which premiered on Colombia's RCN TV in 1999. Carla Giraldo and Manuela Gonzales share the title role. The serial focuses on the beautiful young woman's love for a handsome older man, Esteban, even though some suspect that he is her long-lost father.


Since the womb of Pains, Lolita falls in love with Esteban and through its mother himself the express thing of all the possible ways. But while Lolita does of its, Pains cannot be indifferent to the attributes of Esteban. The distrust of Rigoberto, the husband of Pains obliges Lolita and to Esteban to be separated for many years, without knowing about the immense love that she feels for him. But the destiny and the eagerness of revenge gathers him again, this time to live a series of adventures and to be protected of the enemies in common. But the affection that have is not sufficient and are seen obliged to be separated again, this time for six years, sufficient time so that she be done woman and he understand that Lolita, is the unique one in its lifebut perhaps a woman prohibited for him, therefore its love can be sinned.


Esteban Buenahora Marcelo Cezan

Lolita Rengifo Carla Giraldo

Lolita Rengifo Manuela Gonzalez

Rigoberto Rengifo / Edgar German Castelblanco

Dolores Collazos (Madre de Lolita) Maria Fernanda Martinez

Carmen 'Carmencita' Bocanegra Marcela Gallego

Eva Bocanegra Jennifer Steffens

Beto Bocanegra Santiago Moure

Lalo Bocanegra Julian Roman

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