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La Marca del Deseo

La Marca Del Deseo (The Mark of Desire) is a Colombian telenovela (soap opera) that has aired on Telefutura and RCN TV.


The story revolves around five young women named Maria Valentina, Maria Soledad, Maria Canela, Maria Claridad, and Maria Alegria who are marked for the same fate and the same curse. Without knowing it, they all set off on the same road to a place called Pueblo Escondido where they meet Reynaldo Santibanez, who is apparently their father. Reynaldo is former sailor who had affairs with five other women in his sailor days because Digna, Reynaldo's wife would not sexually please him. Because of this, Reynaldo in his subsequent loneliness, goes looking for love in the arms of other women. All five women become pregnant and have daughters.

The day Reynaldo Santibanez married Digna, turned out to the be the worst day of his life. On that day, he and his descendants were condemned forever to unhappiness because of a curse that was set forth by a witch named Carmensa who had lost her daughter who was pregnant with Reynaldo's child the very same day that he and Digna got married due to diffculties in childbirth. Because she blames Reynaldo for her daughter's death, Carmensa curses him : Their blood will be marked by desire. In every moment of happiness that brings desire, there will be intense pain!" To add the to th curse, the marriage of Reynaldo and Digna will not bring any offspring either. Or, at least, this is the legend that has been woven around the Santibanez family in the 30 years they have lived in Pueblo Escondido. Supposedly, the curse does not exist because Reynaldo and Digna were able to produce a son named Luis Eduardo.

As with every legend, there appears to be some truth in it since the Santibanez marriage is not a happy one in spite of having everything: a wonderful son, Luis Eduardo, money and power.

Nevertheless, unhappiness was not this familys major problem, when, one-by-one, the five illegitimate daughters of Reynaldo Santibanez begin arriving in town. To say the least, the town of Pueblo Escondido is shaken to its very foundation.

The five daughters are Maria Valentina, Maria Canela (chef), Maria Alegria (singer), Maria Soledad (Motocross) and Maria Claridad (Masseuse and Witch), each of whom has her own personality and different way of life, yet are joined by the same desire and by the same father.

The story deals chiefly with Maria Valentina and Luis Eduardo who are in love but, cannot be with each other because they are ostensibly sister and brother. What they dont know, however, is that Luis Eduardo is not Maria Valentinas brother.

It is revealed that Digna had an affair with Tomas Murillo, Reynaldo's enemy. Throughout the series, Tomas blackmails Digna in order to lure her to him once again. However, Thomas isn't the only enemy to the Maria's and Reynaldo. Leoparda and Alfredo conspire to try to buy El Tesoro, an island that brings in revenue to the Santibanez daughters, Luis Eduardo, and Reynaldo. Leoparda lives in El Tesoro along with Alfredo but Alfredo also has as a secret that nobody barely knows, he had an affair with Ursula, Luis Eduardo's girlfriend/Fiance while Alfredo has a relationship with Maria Valentina. Maria Valentina and Luis Eduardo try to forget the past between and move forward but can't hide their affections for one another throughout the series as they are with their partners (Alfredo and Ursula). However, Maria Soledad has a sexual relationship with Alfredo that she has yet to reveal.

Reynaldo breaks down right before Luis Eduardo's wedding and he is diagnosed with a heart tumor where he later goes to Houston with Digna, Maria Valentina, and Luis Eduardo.

Digna soon discovers Valentina's relationship with Luis Eduardo and tries her best to separate them with the help of Ursula, who desires Luis Eduardo.


Digna Santibanez (Reynaldo's Wife who sabotages Luis Eduardo and Maria Valetina's relationship in many ways)

Tomas Murillo



Ursula (Luis Eduardo's ex-girlfriend)




Reynaldo Santibanez

Luis Eduardo Santibanez

Maria Valentina Santibanez

Maria Soledad Santibanez

Maria Canela Santibanez

Maria Alegria Santibanez

Maria Claridad Santibanez

Other characters


Gabriel (Linda's husband)

Lucas Velazquezas Jaime( Maria Alegria's boyfriend)


Lulu (Jaime's ex-girlfriend)

Martin (Maria Canela's boyfriend/future husband)

Margarita (Maria Soledad's mother)

Prudencia (Maria Valentina's nanny)




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