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Joaquin Camacho

Jose Joaquin Justo Camacho Lago was a Neogranadine statesman, lawyer, journalist and professor, who worked for the Independence of the New Granada, what is now Colombia, and participated in the Open Cabildo which declared the Act of Independence, of which he was also a signer. He was executed during the Reign of Terror of Pablo Morillo after the Spanish invasion of New Granada.

Camacho was born on July 17, 1766, in TunjaGobernantes de Colombia By Jorge de Mendoza Velez, which was part of the Viceroyalty of the New Granada, now Colombia. His parents were Francisco Camacho and Rosa Lago. He attended Our Lady of the Rosary University where he studied Jurisprudence. He was admitted as a lawyer by the Royal Audiency of Santafe de Bogota in the year 1792. He became one of the most important lawyers of the viceroyalty and winning the admiration of his colleagues.

On July 19, 1810, the precursors of the independence - Camilo Torres Tenorio, Jose Acevedo Gomez, Jose Miguel Pey and Jorge Tadeo Lozano, among others - held a secret meeting in the Astronomic Observatory of Bogota, the office of Francisco Jose de Caldas. They had been informed of a plan by the Spaniards to arrest prominent criollos who had ideas of independence; the precursors were determined to win their independence and they, that night, planned the revolutionGenesis de la revolucion del 20 de julio de 1810 (Page 140) By Sergio Elias Ortiz. They were also convinced that the upcoming visit of the Regency Commissioners, Antonio Villavicencio and Carlos Montufar, would bring the same results it had in Cartagena de Indias. Camilo Torres proposed that the first strike had to come from the Spaniards, to incite the people for an uprising and to prevent their supporters from doing something about itGrandes fechas (Page 59) By Abelardo Forero Benavides. Camacho would go to the house of the viceroy and ask him to allow a Junta to take place: they knew that he was going to oppose this, but would use it as the Spaniards' way of undermining the American people. Meanwhile, Luis de Rubio and Antonio Morales would go to the house of Jose Gonzales Llorente and start a mob uprising with the excuse of borrowing a flower vase, something they knew he would refuse giving Llorente's reputation.

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