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Custodio Garcia Rovira

Jose Custodio Cayetano Garcia Rovira was a Neogranadine general, statesman and painter, who fought for the independence of New Granada from Spain, and became President of the United Provinces of the New Granada in 1816. He was executed a month later during the Reconquista, at the hands of Pablo Morillo.

Garcia was the son of Juan de Dios Garcia Navas and Rosa Rovira de Garcia, he was born on March 2, 1780, in Bucaramanga, in the province of Socorro, part of the Viceroyalty of the New Granada, in what is now Colombia. He attended the Colegio Mayor de San Bartolome''Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography- Page 110. Edited by John Fiske, James Grant Wilson. in Santafe de Bogota, where he graduated in 1799 with a degree in Philosophy, and in 1804 he got his degree in Civil Law, and later a Doctorate in Theology. He also attended the Saint Thomas Aquinas University where he studied Painting and Music, later receiving a degree in Fine arts; in April 29, 1809, Garcia also received his doctorate in Law and was officially received as a lawyer by the Royal Audiency of Santafe de BogotaHomenaje que el Centro de historia de Santander en nombre del gobierno y del pueblo santandereano, rinde a los proceres regionales con ocasion de celebrarse el primer centenario de la muerte del libertador Simon Bolivar.

by Academia de Historia de Santander.. He later returned to San Bartolome this time as a professor in the areas of Algebra, Mathematics, Trigonometry, PhilosophyCiencia, filosofia y educacion en Colombia(siglo XVIII)By Juan Manuel Pacheco, Page 176 Metaphysics, and EthicsCustodio Garcia Rovira, By Javier Lopez Ocampo, Library Luis Angel Arango, [*].

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