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Laura Restrepo

Laura Restrepo is one of the most skilled writers to emerge from Latin America since the days of the Latin American Boom. She was born in Bogota, Colombia in 1950 and after about 25 years she began to write her first serious works, mainly political columns. Her first fiction novel, Isle of Passion, is based on historical facts from Clipperton Island. This novel is believed to be the beginning of her career as a writer.

Her first novel was Isle of Passion which uses her normal style of investigative journalism and fiction to create a sense of wonder while it is being read. She wrote this novel while she was in Mexico, seeing as she missed Colombia so much she decided to begin a story. This novel is a story about real people with the hint of Restrepo bending the truth at moments. Leopard in the Sun was Restrepos second novel. This novel started with a story that Restrepo had been sent to cover about why two families were killing each other. Eventually she finds out they were involved in the drug cartels in Colombia. She says she never used the word drugs in the novel, because she is convinced that "all readers read between the lines."" Dulce Compania is a non-traditional Laura Restrepo novel. She uses religious beings in this novel when in fact she never had formal religious training in her lifetime. Dulce Compania is also a novel with a comedic tinge which is again a different style she is using. Restrepo has won several awards for this novel.

Laura Restrepo graduated with a degree in philosophy from the University of the Andes, Colombia and finished post-graduate in political science. Since she is an important writer, political activist, and journalist many political forums and universities, such as Cornell University, ask her to guest speak. They ask for her knowledge of Colombias politics, including guerrilla factions pushing Colombia to the verge of a possible civil war. Her novels are widely used in academic institutions for courses ranging from humanities to social sciences.

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