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Andres Caicedo

Luis Andres Caicedo Estela (29 September 1951 - 4 March 1977) was a Colombian writer born in Cali, the city where he would be the most part of his life. In spite of his early death, his work is considered one of the most original of the Colombian literature. Caicedo leaded different cultural movements in the city like the literary group "Los Dialogantes" (Those who speak), the Cinema Club of Cali and the "Ojo con el Cine" Magazine (Attention to the Cinema). In 1970 he won the First Literary Contents of Caracas with his work "Los dientes de caperucita" (The Teeth of Little Red Riding Hood) that opened to him the doors to a national recognition. Some sources say that he used to say that to live more than 25 years was a shame and it is seen as the main reason of his suicide on March 4, 1977 when he was that age.Other sources say that he used to say: "vivir mas de veinticinco anos era una insensatez" (to live more than 25 years old is a madness), like this biography of the Isaacs Virtual Center of the Universidad del Valle, link retrieved on June 14, 2008.

The work of Caicedo has as a context the urban world and its social conflicts, especially of the young people. Contrary to the school of magic realism, the work of Caicedo is settled completely in social reality. Therefore, some scholars give the importance to his work as an alternative in Latin America to prominent figures such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez, especially through the research of the Chilean journalist, writer and movie critic Alberto Fuguet who called Caicedo "The first enemy of Macondo". Despite his fame in Colombia, Caicedo is little known in Latin America, maybe for his early death. However his work is becoming known thanks to the influence of his works in new writer generations such as Rafael Chaparro, Efraim Medina Reyes, Manuel Giraldo, Octavio Escobar and Ricardo Abdahllah.

Andres was the youngest son and only male of Carlos Alberto Caicedo and Nellie Estella. His brother Francisco Jose was born in 1958, but died tree years later. By that time Andres was studying in Colegio del Pilar, after he was in Colegio Pio XII, a "very bad Franciscan establishment" as he said years after. Because of his bad behavior in the school in Cali, he was transferred to the Colegio Calasanz in Medellin in 1964 and this was the year of his first story: "El Silencio" (The Silence). However, his academic and discipline was rather the same, a reason to be transferred again to Cali, this time to Colegio Berchmans, an institution that would influence his works. From Berchmans he was expelled to go to Colegio San Luis in 1966, again expelled and finally he could finish his high school in Colegio Camacho Perea in 1968.

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Andres Caicedo

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