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Horacio Serpa

Horacio Serpa Uribe (born 3 January 1943) is a Colombian politician and lawyer. Horacio Serpa has run as the Colombian Liberal Party candidate for President of Colombia on three occasions; in 1998, 2002, and 2006. He previously served as congressman for Santander as Senator, Inspector General of Colombia, president of the National Constituent Assembly, Minister of the Interior, and as Ambassador of Colombia to the Organization of American States. He was also involved in the 8000 process scandal in which money from the Cali Cartel entered the presidential campaign of Liberal candidate Ernesto Samper. In 2007 Serpa ran for the governorship of Santander Department and was elected on October, 28 in the Colombian regional elections.

Horacio Serpa has worked in three branches of power in Colombia. After graduating as a lawyer from the Universidad del Atlantico in Barranquilla, Serpa went back to his native Santander Department and became a judge for the town of Tona. He later became a Penal Judge in the town of San Vicente de Chucuri and then Civil Municipal Judge for the town of Barrancabermeja. In Barrancabermeja Serpa also served as Criminal Investigator, Circuit Penal Judge and Superior Judge. During this time Serpa became interested in politics and began participating actively in the Liberal Revolutionary Movement (MRL) as member of the youths, this movement had been founded by Alfonso Lopez Michelsen.

Serpa concentrated his political efforts in the Magdalena medio (Middle Magdalena Region), a convulsioned region in which the ELN guerrilla was born. In 1970 Serpa was appointed Mayor of Barrancabermeja by Alfonso Gomez Gomez and later became Secretary of Education for the Santander Department.

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