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San Juan Bautista, Chile

San Juan Bautista is the main town in the Juan Fernandez Islands. Some sources say it was founded in 1877 while others give an earlier date of 1750. It is located on Cumberland Bay on the centre of the north-east coast of Robinson Crusoe Island.

Although the community maintains a rustic serenity dependent on the spiny lobster trade, residents employ a few vehicles, a satellite internet connection, and many television sets. As of the 2002 census the town had a population of 598 in an area of 0.31 km.

There is a soccer pitch at the northern end of the village; there is a school called Dresden School , after the German light cruiser, SMS Dresden, that was sunk here during World War I. Names of the generally unpaved streets in the village include: Larrain Alcalde, Ignacio Carrera Pinto, El Sandalo, Vicente Gonzalez, Teniente Cortes, La Polvora, Dresden; a map showing the location of these streets can be seen here .

After the Battle of Rancagua in 1814, the Spanish authorities exiled 42 Chilean criollo

independence activists to the island. The exiles, including

prominent figures such as [[:es:Juan Egana|Juan Egana]]

and [[:es:Manuel de Salas|Manuel de Salas]], lived in damp caves, today called Las Cuevas de los Patriotas (Patriots' Caves), above

San Juan Bautista.

2010 tsunami

On February 27, 2010, 5 people lost their lives when a tsunami caused by the Chile 8.8 earthquake hit the island and flooded the town.

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The exact location of the village can be seen on this detailed map of the island


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