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Constitucion, Chile

Constitucion is a seaside resort, industrial town (paper and pulp) and minor port, in Chile, located in the Maule Region, Talca Province.


8.8 magnitude 2010 earthquake

After the devastating 8.8 magnitude 27 February 2010 earthquake of Chile and subsequent tsunami, an estimated 350 people died in Constitucion alone. Time Magazine, "Chile: Prepared for the Quake but Not the Tsunami", Tim Padget, 1 March 2010 (accessed 4 March 2010) People in the town had known to head for the hills after the earthquake, due to an earthquake preparedness drill a fortnight before, which had explained that if you are unable to stand during the tremor, that a tsunami is possible. Time Magazine, "Chile's President: Why Did Tsunami Warnings Fail?", Eben Harrell, 2 March 2010 (accessed 4 March 2010) The tsunami was estimated to be 2m high. Agencia Angola Press, "A Constitucion, l'eau est montee a 2 m dans les maisons, celles qui restent", 4 March 2010 (accessed 4 March 2010)

Pedro Munoz, a fisherman, with his skiff, rescued celebrants of the end of summer from an island on the Maule River, making two trips between the island and the riverbank, before being swamped and killed by the third tsunami wave, on his third trip. CNN, "Chilean fisherman faced tsunami to save others", Karl Penhaul, 9 March 2010 (accessed 9 March 2010)

Constitucion was damaged by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami. Restoring power in the city in the immediate aftermath was impossible because of damage from the tsunami. Wall Street Journal, "Chile Power Firms: Slow Process Restoring Power In Quake Zones", Matthew Cowley, 2 March 2010 (accessed 3 March 2010)

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