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For the Province of the Ancash Region in Peru, see Huarmey Province

Huarmey is a coastal town in the Ancash Region, Peru. It is one of the five district and also the capital of the Province of Huarmey. It is located crossing the Pan-American highway from south to north after leaving the department of Lima in Paramonga and at 82 km from the Fortaleza river. It was created by law 24034 on December 20th, 1984.

At certain times of the year, the settlers fish abundant and flavorful shrimps in the Huarmey River. This river fertilizes the valley and flows from south to north.

The port of Huarmey is located at 5 km to the south, through a detour that begins in the Pan-American highway.

From Huarmey to the next important city, Casma, there are 83 km of distance.

This city is not very well developed yet, but it is one of the main cities of the Ancash Region and one of the most impressively attractive too. Huarmey has its own beautiful beaches that do not have anything to envy to the other beaches of the country. It is a very nice place to camp, practice surf or just take a refreshing splash in its beaches. The most important disadvantage is that the water is very cold, in spite of the high temperatures of the city, all the year round.

Huarmey is the site of a 14th century pre-Columbian Chimu human sacrifice and mass burial site .

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