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Moquegua (founded as Villa de Santa Catalina de Guadalcazar del Valle de Moquegua) is a city in southern Peru, located in the Moquegua Region, of which it is the regional capital. It is also capital of Mariscal Nieto Province and Moquegua District. It is located 1144 kilometers south from the capital city of Lima.


There isn't any clear information about the Spanish conquest and the year of the city's foundation. However, it is said that the possible date for this may be November 25th,1541, by Pedro Cansino and his wife, Josefina de Bilbao.

The region where now stands the city was already known and populated since before the arrival of the Incas. According to the story of Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, it was the Inca Emperor Mayta Capac who organized the militar expedition that extended his domains to the shore of the Pacific.


This beautiful city, with beautiful landscapes, located in the mountains of the region of the same name has a lot of touristic attractions, which make it a popular destination in Peru.

The Plaza de Armas, is a very beautiful Main Square which is the center of the city. It was designed by French Architect Gustave Eiffel.

The Casa del Regidor Perpetuo de la Ciudad, is a unique old house built in the XVIII century with a front of carved stone and it has beautiful antiques inside it.

The district of Torata, located 24 km away from the city, has traditional houses with mojinete roofs and an amazing church in which it's noticed the beautiful things carved in wood.

The Baul Hill, impressing and curious hill. Its top perimeter seems cut perpendicularly, and its shape has a similarity with a chest (baul).

The Pan-American Highway passes through the city.

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