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Mancora is a town and beach resort in the Piura Region, in northwestern Peru. It is located in the Talara Province and is capital of the Mancora District. The town has 8,852 inhabitants (1999).

The Pan-American Highway serves as Mancora's main street. The area is known for its attractive turquoise beaches and good waves, making it a surfing destination. This beach location is favored by two ocean currents year round: the cold Humboldt Current 14 to 19 C and the warm Nino Current 21 to 27 C, giving it a tropical-dry climate with ocean waters averaging around 24 C.

Summers last from December to April and are very hot. Rain is usual during the night and the temperature can reach over 38 C. The rest of the year is dry, breezy, and sunny. The temperature during winter and spring never falls bellow 25 C during daytime and is usually around the high 20's. Night temperatures drop to around 17 C.

The beach town has over 30 different beach resorts that receive tourists from all over South America. It boasts a large proportion of luxury restaurants and nightclubs for such a small town of 10,000. Resorts rim the nearby kilometers of beaches connected by a road. Most people arrive by bus, private car, or plane from the Talara Airport or Tumbes Airport. Currently, tourism is booming as a large influx of tourists take to the beaches all year round. In 2005 340,000 tourists visited Mancora. The resort town has the unique characteristic to seem private and empty when relaxing on the beach, while brimming with people late into the night at the many nightclubs in town playing loud music. It is extremely well connected to the rest of the country and with easy worldwide access. Buses run down the Peruvian coast to Lima every day with various different companies varying in quality and price.


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