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Lambayeque, Peru


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Lambayeque is a city in the Lambayeque region in northern Peru. It is notable for its exceptional museums featuring artefacts from local archaeological sites. The Bruning Museum, established in the early 1900s, contains hundreds of gold and silver pieces, as well as textiles and ceramics, from the Vicus, Chimu , Moche, Inca, and Lambeyeque cultures. The Tumba Real, established in 2002, contains artefacts from the tomb of Sipan. Lambayeque is also the home of King Kong, a popular dessert with filling made of fresh milk, pineapple sweets och peanut.This part of peru is also famous for their "alfahores" , Which is a "dulce de leche" filled cookie sandwich.

Recently, a clay temple surfaced in an archaelogical dig. Colored murals can be clearly discrened on the temple walls. Dating circa 2000 BCE, this makes the temple one of the oldest relics found in the Americas as reported by scientist Walter Alva.

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