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Cabana, Peru

Cabana is a city in Peru. It is the capital of both the Cabana District and the Province of Pallasca in the Ancash Region of northern Peru. Cabana was founded on January 2, 1857, although human habitation there likely predates arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors.

The city is divided into four neighborhoods:



San Jeronimo


The former President of Peru, Alejandro Toledo Manrique, was born in Ferrer, a village that is part of the District of Bolognesi. However, Dr. Toledo figures as a Cabana native having been registered in the Birth Registry of Cabana.

The Peruvian district of Cabana is one of the 11 that conforms the province of Pallasca in the Ancash Region. It limits the north with the districts of Bolognesi and the Huandoval, the east and the south with the province of Corongo and the west with the district of Tauca.

Its capital, the city of Cabana that is the capital of the province from year 1901. It is the cradle of the Constitutional Ex-president of the Republic, Alexander Toledo Manrique. Cabana was declared like district the 2 of January of 1857, in the same date that Tauca and Llapo.

The District of Cabana counts on many archaeological vestiges, being the most excellent Strength of the Pashash, that could be the central bunker of defense and religious cult of the Conchucos Region; according to it affirms to the Lawyer Alexander Medina Alatrista: "Here it was the seat of idolo Katequilla(Divinidad of the Conchucos and the Huamachucos". In addition it also counts on the Ruins of Mashgonga.

Its Supervisory Celebration commemorates all the 25 of July in Honor of the Santiago Apostle Greater and the Apostle San Felipe, its main protectors.

In Lima, capital of the Republic, the cabanistas count on the Cabanista Association, like their first representative institution, as well as with several organizations without profit aims

that congregate their children, like the Sport Club Cabana Not 1, brotherhood 25 of Julio of resident children of Cabana in Tawantinsuyo and the most recent Cultural Project Cantarria.

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