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Huamachuco District

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Huamachuco, in Peru, is the capital of the Province of Sanchez Carrion, the principal province northern Andean region; it has been a stage of historical facts of the War of the Pacific Ocean, and contributed actively to get freedom from the Spanish conquers.

Earth of the ancient wachemines and dominion of the Huamachucos, forgers of culture, of language and of tradition, placed in the heart of the Region Libertad, to a height of 3.210 m.s.n.m. and to 184 km from Trujillo, is a place, where the continuity of ancestral customs in dances, typical plates and crafts it offers one without number of possibilities to visit.

Named very illustrious and faithful city for general Jose de San Martin, and journeyed in the year 1553 along the Agustinos that founded her under the dedication of San Agustin and the Virgin of the High Grace, in whose honor his management holiday is celebrated from August 12 until August 20, only has to go for route carrozable in 8 hours or route light aircraft that come to the airfield in 30 minutes from the city of Trujillo.

This city finds located in an interAndean vale surrounded by elevations as the Tucupina, Cacanan, Huaylillas who is 3.940 m.s.n.m, between others; his climate with an annual average temperature that ranges between 11 to 12 C. and a country that one dresses in the verdure of the vegetation, between April to September, offers a beautiful scenery that it inspires to cover the suggestive attractions with which it is provided. This way we can enjoy the lagoon of Sausacocha, which with a depth of 12 m. it allows the navigation of small crafts and fundamentally it serves as breeding ground of trouts and tents, The Lagoon of Collasgon in the district of Curgos, habitat of ducks, coots, and other birds. The river Bado, natural habitat of trouts; the thermal waters of Yanasara and of The Eden, of content sulfoferruginosas; or the Waters of the Birdies and Cancopata.

Also we have the rock paintings of Quilca in Sartimbamba, and those of Chinacpampa in Chugay; to visit Hill Miraflores where there is observed a set of platforms that were used for the culture of select plants that need from special microclimates; to walk along the ruins of Wiracochapampa; or to greet to imposing Marka-Huamachuco, archaeological monument of stone of big height; between other innumerable tourist attractions. The city of Huamachuco also offers important places as the Chapel of San Jose, chapel arranged to constructing for the Spanish agent Juan de Sandoval and his wife Florencia de Mora; The House of the Arches that served as Headquarters the Liberator Simon Bolivar; the House of Sanchez Carrion; the Arch of Bolivar, the Museum of Exhibition of Religious Art, the Cathedral of Huamachuco, or simply to breathe the pure air and to be inspired in the Square of Weapon, which perhaps served as frame so that brilliant Ciro Alegria was writing " The World is Wide and Foreign ", or some of his works; or some of his works; or it was walking along his footpaths Abelardo Gamarra, creator of the National Matelot top; all this and much more will think in this ground that he waits for them, Huamachuco, a made legend city.

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