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Francisco Morales Bermudez

Francisco Morales Bermudez Cerruti is a Peruvian general who came to power in Peru in 1975 after deposing his predecessor, General Juan Velasco.. His grandfather and all his original family were from the old Peruvian department of Tarapaca, which is now part of the Chilean territory. Unable to control the political and economic troubles that the nation faced, he was forced to return power to civilian rule, marking the end of the Revolutionary Government of the Armed Forces, installed by a coup d'etat on October 3, 1968.

Born in Lima in 1921, he was the son of Army Colonel Remigio Morales Bermudez and grandson of ex-President Remigio Morales Bermudez. He received most of his education at Lima's Colegio Inmaculada. In 1939, he was accepted to the Escuela Militar de Chorrillos (Chorrillos Military School). After his graduation, he was an important member of the Centro de Altos Estudios Militares (CAEM).

With Velasco's health deteriorating, Morales Bermudez led a military junta against General Velasco and took over as President of Peru in August 29, 1975, leading the country through one of its most severe economic crises. He diverged from the socialist-leaning tendencies of first phase (1968-1975) of the Peruvian Revolution, proclaiming a 'Second Phase' that would lead to a return to democracy.

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