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List of rivers of Argentina

This is a list of rivers in Argentina.

By Drainage Basin

This list is arranged by drainage basin, with respective tributaries indented under each larger stream's name. Rivers in the table above are in bold.

La Plata Basin

Rio de la Plata

* Uruguay River

** Gualeguaychu River

** Mocoreta River

** Mirinay River

** Aguapey River

** Pepiri-Guazu River

* Parana River

** Arrecifes River

** Gualeguay River

** Nogoya River

** Arroyo del Medio

** Saladillo Stream

** Luduena Stream

** Carcarana River

*** Tercero River (Calamuchita River)

*** Cuarto River

** Salado River

*** Horcones River

**** Uruena River

*** Arenales River

*** Rosario River

*** Guasamayo River

** San Javier River

** Feliciano River

** Guayquiraro River

** Corrientes River

** Parana Mini River

*** Tapenaga River

*** Palometa River

** Santa Lucia River

** Negro River

** Paraguay River

*** Rio de Oro

*** Bermejo River (Teuco River)

**** Bermejito River

***** Dorado River

**** Teuquito River

**** Seco River

**** San Francisco River

***** Grande River

***** Mojotoro River (Lavayen River)

**** Pescado River

***** Iruya River

**** Rio Grande de Tarija

***** Itau River

**** Lipeo River

*** Pilcomayo River

**** Pilaya River (Bolivia)

***** San Juan del Oro River (Bolivia)

****** Rio Grande de San Juan

** Iguazu River

*** San Antonio River

* Lujan River

** Reconquista River

* Matanza River (Riachuelo)

Samborombon Bay

* Samborombon River

* Salado River

Atlantic Ocean - Patagonia

Quequen Grande River

Sauce Grande River

Naposta Stream

Sauce Chico River

Colorado River

* Desaguadero River (usually does not reach the Colorado)

** Atuel River

** Diamante River

** Tunuyan River

** San Juan River

*** Mendoza River

**** Tupungato River

*** Castano Viejo River

*** Calingasta River

*** Rio de los Patos

**** Blanco River

** Jachal River

*** Blanco River

** Huaco River

* Barrancas River

* Grande River

Rio Negro

* Neuquen River

** Agrio River

* Limay River

** Collon Cura River

*** Alumine River

*** Chimehuin River

** Traful River

Chubut River

* Chico River

** Senguerr River

*** Mayo River

**** Guenguel River

* Tecka River

* Chico River

Deseado River

* Pinturas River

* Fenix Grande River

Santa Cruz River

* Chico River

** Chalia River (Shehuen River)

** Belgrano River

* La Leona River

Coig River (Coyle River)

* Pelque River

Gallegos River

* Chico River

Grande River

Fuego River

Interior basins

Carapari River

* Itiyuro River

Tartagal River

Salado River (Colorado River)

* Belen River

* Abaucan River

Mar Chiquita (Cordoba)

* Dulce River

** Saladillo River

** Sali River

* Primero River (Suquia River)

** Cosquin River

* Segundo River (Xanaes River)

Cruz del Eje River

Conlara River

Quinto River (Popopis River)

Malargue River

Pacific Ocean

Valdivia River (Chile)

* Enco River (Chile)

** Llanquihue River (Chile)

*** Fui River (Chile)

**** Hua Hum River

Puelo River

* Manso River

* Azul River

Yelcho River (Chile)

* Futaleufu River

Palena River

Pico River

Aisen River (Chile)

* Simpson River

Pascua River (Chile)

* Mayer River

Serrano River (Chile)

* Vizcachas River

Turbio River


Abaucan River

Agrio River

Aguapey River

Alumine River

Arenales River

Arrecifes River

Atuel River

Azul River

Barrancas River

Belen River

Belgrano River

Bermejo River (Teuco River)

Bermejito River

Blanco River

Blanco River

Calingasta River

Carapari River

Carcarana River

Castano Viejo River

Chalia River (Shehuen River)

Chico River

Chico River

Chico River

Chico River

Chimehuin River

Chubut River

Coig River (Coyle River)

Collon Cura River

Colorado River

Conlara River

Corrientes River

Cosquin River

Cruz del Eje River

Cuarto River

Desaguadero River

Deseado River

Diamante River

Dorado River

Dulce River

Feliciano River

Fenix Grande River

Fuego River

Futaleufu River

Gallegos River

Grande River

Grande River

Grande River

Rio Grande de San Juan

Rio Grande de Tarija

Gualeguay River

Gualeguaychu River

Guasamayo River

Guayquiraro River

Guenguel River

Horcones River

Huaco River

Hua Hum River

Iguazu River

Iruya River

Itau River

Itiyuro River

Jachal River

La Leona River

Limay River

Lipeo River

Luduena Stream

Lujan River

Malargue River

Manso River

Matanza River (Riachuelo)

Mayer River

Mayo River

Mendoza River

Middle Stream

Mirinay River

Mocoreta River

Mojotoro River (Lavayen River)

Naposta Stream

Rio Negro

Negro River

Neuquen River

Nogoya River

Palena River

Palometa River

Paraguay River

Parana River

Parana River

Pelque River

Pepiri-Guazu River

Pescado River

Pico River

Pilcomayo River

Pinturas River

Primero River (Suquia River)

Puelo River

Quequen Grande River

Quinto River (Popopis River)

Reconquista River

Rio de la Plata

Rio de los Patos

Rio de Oro

Rosario River

Saladillo River

Saladillo Stream

Salado River

Salado River

Salado River (Colorado River)

Sali River

Samborombon River

San Antonio River

San Francisco River

San Javier River

San Juan River

Santa Cruz River

Santa Lucia River

Sauce Chico River

Sauce Grande River

Seco River

Segundo River (Xanaes River)

Senguerr River

Simpson River

Tapenaga River

Tartagal River

Tecka River

Tercero River (Calamuchita River)

Teuquito River

Traful River

Tunuyan River

Tupungato River

Turbio River

Uruena River

Uruguay River

Vizcachas River


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