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Saladillo Stream

The Saladillo Stream is a small tributary of the Parana River, that discharges into it between the cities of Rosario and Villa Gobernador Galvez, in the , at . It serves as the political border between these two towns of the Greater Rosario area, and is one of the two important affluents of the Parana in the area, together with the Luduena Stream in the north.

Though referred to as a stream (following the common translation of the Spanish name Arroyo Saladillo), the Saladillo is in fact a river, with a catchment basin that encompasses 3,205 km and services an important area of the south of the province of Santa Fe — both economically for agriculture, and demographically, since its last few kilometres are inside a densely populated area (Rosario has about 1 million inhabitants). The port of Villa Gobernador Galvez is located on the mouth of the Saladillo.

Most of the watercourse is canalized, as well as its affluents, and it needs periodic dredging to support its massive use for agriculture, which in turn pollutes the water with chemical agents such as pesticides and fertilizers, and tends to fill the course with sediments produced by erosion. The marginal zones around the course are floodable. The lower course, which traverses populated areas, is also polluted by industrial and domestic waste.


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