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Salado River (Buenos Aires)

The Salado River at the north of the Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, begins at the El Chanar Lake on the border with Santa Fe Province, 40 meters above mean sea level, to later flow mostly to the Southeast for 640 kilometres before reaching the Atlantic Ocean at the Samborombon Bay, some 170 kilometres south of Buenos Aires city.

The basin of the river covers 170,000 km; over half of the province's area, with an average of 2,000 mm of annual precipitations, which often produce floodings in this depressed area. The river goes past the cities of Junin, Roque Perez and General Belgrano, as well as a number of wetlands and lagoons; canalization of the lower course has improved the drainage of the river's 88 m/s. Nearly 1 million inhabitants live in the basin.

Some hydrological studies are performed in this basin, principally in the Azul, Buenos Aires creek basin and Ecological ones by the Ecology group of Facultad de Agronomia de la UNICEN.

In the 17th century, before the Conquest of the Desert, the river served as limit between the Spanish colonised lands and those still under control of the Native Americans.

Because there's another more important Salado River at the northern part of the country, this is sometimes called Salado del Sur ("Southern Salado").

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