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List of mountains in Argentina

This is an incomplete list of the highest and most important mountains in the Territory of the Argentine Republic

;Mountains by system and height

Aconcagua (Mendoza) 6,962 m

*Cerro El Plomo 6,070 m

*Cerro Ameghino approx. 5,940 m

Ojos del Salado (Catamarca) 6,893 m

*Tres Cruces Sur 6,748 m

*Cazadero 6,658 m

*El Muerto 6,488 m

*Cerro Nacimiento 6,436 m

*Cerro Veladero 6,436 m

*Cerro El Condor (also Volcan Sarmiento) 6,414 m

*Cerro Vallecitos 6,168 m

*Tres Quebradas (also Los Patos) 6,239 m

*Sierra Nevada 6,127 m

*Cerro Medusa 6,120 m

*Colorados 6,080 m

*Cerro El Fraile 6,061 m

*Volcan del Viento 6,028 m

*Cerro San Francisco 6,018 m

Monte Pissis (La Rioja) 6,795 m

Cerro Bonete (La Rioja) 6,759 m

Llullaillaco (Salta) 6,723 m

*Socompa 6,051 m

Mercedario (San Juan) 6,720 m

*Cerro Ramada 6,384 m

*Cerro La Mesa 6,230 m

Incahuasi (Catamarca) 6,621 m

Tupungato (Mendoza) 6,570 m

*Cerro Alto 6,148 m

*Cerro Negro (also Pabellon) 6,070 m

*Cerro Polleras 5,993m

Antofalla (Salta) 6,440 m

Cachi (Nevado de Cachi) 6,380 m

*Cerro Quemado 6,184 m

Mount Reclus 6,335 m

Majadita 6,266 m

*Cerro Olivares 6,216 m

Cerro Solo 6,205 m

Cerro El Toro (San Juan) 6,168 m

Cerro Tortolas 6,160 m

Queva 6,140 m

Colanguil 6,122 m

Marmolejo 6,108 m

Nevado de Famatina (also Cerro Belgrano) 6,097 m

Aracar 6,095m

Cerro Baboso (also Veladero N.E.) approx. 6,070 m

Cerro Salin ((Salin) 6,029 m

Cerro Laguna Blanca 6,012 m

Cerro Plata (Mendoza) 5,955 m

Cerro Chani (Jujuy) approx. 5,930 m

Galan (Catamarca) 5,920 m


The Lincancabur mountain, located between Chile and Bolivia, has been wrongly referred to be in Argentina under the name Lincancaur with a height of 6,620 m; no such mountain exists.

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