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List of political parties in Argentina

This article lists political parties in Argentina.

Argentina has a multi-party system with two or three strong political parties and a third party that is electorally successful.

Since the 1940s, the strongest party electorally has been the Justicialist Party (with the sole exceptions in presidential elections in 1983 and 1999). The second place was usually occupied by the Radical Civic Union, until the resignation of President Fernando de la Rua in 2001. In the 2003 Argentine general election the first and the second places were earned by Justicialist presidential candidates. In the last presidential election, the Civic Coalition earned a second place.

The parties

National parties

Action for the Republic (Accion por la Republica)

Authentic Socialist Party (Partido Socialista Autentico)

Christian Democratic Party (Partido Democrata Cristiano)

Communist Party of Argentina (Partido Comunista de la Argentina)

Free of the South Movement (Movimiento Libres del Sur)

Front for Change (Frente para el Cambio/Polo Social)

Front for Victory (Frente para la Victoria)

Front of the New Party (Frente Partido Nuevo)

Front of the Popular Movement (Frente Movimiento Popular)

Humanist Party (Partido Humanista)

Integration and Development Movement (Movimiento de Integracion y Desarrollo)

Intransigent Party (Partido Intransigente)

Justicialist Front (Frente Justicialista)

Justicialist Party (Partido Justicialista)

Movement for a New Country (Movimiento para un Nuevo Pais)

National Left (Izquierda Nacional)

New Movement (Nuevo Movimiento)

New Space (Nuevo Espacio)

Peoples Reconstruction Party (Partido Popular de la Reconstruccion)

Radical Civic Union (Union Civica Radical)

Recreate for Growth (Recrear para el Crecimiento - RECREAR)

Renewal Crusade (Cruzada Renovadora)

Self-determination and Freedom (Autodeterminacion y Libertad)

Socialist Party (Partido Socialista)

Support for an Egalitarian Republic (Afirmacion para una Republica Igualitaria)

Union and Liberty Party (Partido Union y Libertad)

Union of the Democratic Centre (Union del Centro Democratico)

United Left (Izquierda Unida)

Workers' Party for Socialism (Partido de Trabajadores por el Socialismo)

Workers' Party (Partido Obrero)

Provincial electoral alliances

Republican Proposal (Propuesta Republicana - PRO)

Progressive, Civic and Social Front (Frente Progresista Civico y Social)

Alliance Union of Cordoba (Alianza Union Cordoba)

Alliance New Front (Alianza Frente Nuevo)

Front of Everyone (Frente de Todos)

Front for the Renewal of Concord (Frente Renovador de la Concordia)

Civic Front for Santiago (Frente Civico por Santiago)

Front of Jujuy (Frente Jujeno)

Alliance Front of Production and Labour (Alianza Frente Produccion y Trabajo)

Nationally active provincial parties

Autonomist Party of Corrientes (Partido Autonomista de Corrientes)

Catamarca Popular Movement (Movimiento Popular Catamarqueno)

Civic and Social Front of Catamarca (Frente Civico y Social de Catamarca)

Democratic Liberal Party of Cordoba (Partido Democrata Liberal de Cordoba)

Democratic Party (Partido Democrata Mendoza)

Democratic Party of the City of Buenos Aires (Partido Democrata de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires)

Democratic Progressive Party (Partido Democrata Progresista)

Federal North of Jujuy (Norte Federal de Jujuy)

Federal Party (Partido Federal)

Federalist Unity Party

Fueguino People's Movement (Movimiento Popular Fueguino)

Independent Citizens of Tucuman (Ciudadanos Independientes de Tucuman)

Liberal Party of Corrientes (Partido Liberal de Corrientes)

Neuquino People's Movement (Movimiento Popular Neuquino)

New Party (Partido Nuevo - Buenos Aires)

New Party (Partido Nuevo Corrientes)

Party of Buenos Aires Unity (Partido de la Unidad Bonaerense)

Party of the Hope of the Province of Buenos Aires (Partido de la Esperanza de la Provincia de Buenos Aires)

Provincial Union of Entre Rios (Union Provincial de Entre Rios)

Republican Force (Fuerza Republicana Tucuman)

Salta Renewal Party (Partido Renovador de Salta)

Chubut Action Party

Defunct parties

Argentine Socialist Vanguard Party (Partido Socialista Argentino de Vanguardia)

Bolshevik Party for the Fourth International (Partido Bolchevique por la Cuarta Internacional)

Democratic Socialist Party (Partido Socialista Democratico)

Front for a Country in Solidarity

Broad Front (Argentina) (Frente Grande)

National Democratic Party (Partido Democrata Nacional)

New Triumph Party (Partido del Nuevo Triunfo)

Popular Socialist Party (Partido Socialista Popular)

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Minor parties not listed above

UCR Barranqueras Chaco web site (Current Free Country)

UCR Chaco, Juventud Radical Barranqueras web site (Current Free Country)

Federación Libertaria Argentina web site (Argentinian Libertarian Federation)

Grupo Trotskista Internacionalista web site (Internationalist Trotskyist Group)

Liga Comunista (Argentina) web site (Communist League (Argentina)

Liga Obrero Internacionalista (Cuarta Internacional) web site (Internationalist Workers' League (Fourth International)

Liga Socialista Revolucionaria web site (Revolutionary Socialist League)

Movimiento al Socialismo web site (Movement Towards Socialism)

Movimiento de integracion y desarrollo web site (Movement for Integration and Development)

Movimiento por la Dignidad y la Independencia web site (Movement for Dignity and Independence)

Workers' Socialist Movement

Partido Bolchevique por la Cuarta Internacional web site (Bolshevik Party for the Fourth International)

Partido Comunista de Argentina web site (Communist Party of Argentina)

Revolutionary Communist Party of Argentina

Partido Confederacion Laborista web site (Labour Conferderation Party)

Partido Cooperativista Argentino web site (Argentine Co-operativist Party)

Partido de la Generacion Intermedia web site (Intermedia Generation Party)

Partido de la Izquierda Nacional de la Argentina web site (Party of the National Left of Argentina)

Partido de la Ley Natural web site (Natural Law Party)

Partido de la Liberación de Argentina web site (Liberation Party of Argentina)

Partido Humanista web site (Humanist Party)

Partido Liberal Democratico Revolucionario web site (Revolutionary Liberal Democratic Party)

Partido Obrero Revolucionario web site (Revolutionary Workers' Party)

Workers' Revolutionary Party

Authentic Socialist Party

Refundación Comunista web site (Communist Refoundation)

Unión de Militantes por el Socialismo web site (Union of Militants for Socialism)

UCR Barranqueras - Chaco web site (Current Free Country)

Union Liberal Popular web site (Liberal People's Union)

Unión Socialista de los Trabajadores web site (Socialist Workers' Union)

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