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Carlos Quintanilla

General Carlos Quintanilla served as the de-facto President of Bolivia from August 1935 until April 1940. Quintanilla saw action during the Chaco War of 1932-35, and managed to ascend the echelon of the Bolivian armed forces until he became Commander of the Army during the administration of German Busch. When President Busch committed suicide on August 23, 1939, the Bolivian military entrusted Quintanilla with the role of assuming power and calling elections.

It is certain that Quintanilla, like many of his fellow officers, was weary of the reckless reformist wave unleashed by the "Military Socialist" Toro and Busch regimes of 1936-39, and wanted a return to the pre-war oligrachic status quo, complete with its faults and relative stability (not to mention rewards for those who collaborated with the economic powers that be).

To ensure Penaranda's victory, the Quintanilla government exiled a number of prominent opposition leaders, real and potential, including the popular Bernardino Bilbao.

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