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Victor Hugo Daza


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Victor Hugo Daza was a 17-year old Bolivian citizen killed by the military during the protests of early 2000 in the city of Cochabamba. People in Cochabamba protested against the privatization of local water supplies by the Bechtel Corporation that forced the poor to pay as much as 25% of their incomes for water.

A military tribunal acquitted the sharpshooter believed to be responsible for Daza's death. He was caught on film dressed in civilian clothes shooting a group of unarmed civilians.

To defend the contract, the government put thousands of police and military into the street, with a toll of dozens wounded and one, Victor Hugo Daza, killed. In the conflicts, the military used sharpshooters dressed in civilian clothing, firing military issue rifles into civilian crowds. One such sharpshooter, Captain Robinson Iriarte de la Fuente, a graduate of the U.S. School of the Americas, was caught on video.

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