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Evo Morales

Juan Evo Morales Ayma , popularly known as Evo , has been the President of Bolivia since 2006. He has been declared the country's first fully indigenous head of state in the 470 years since the Spanish Conquest.

Morales is the leader of a political party called the Movement for Socialism . MAS was involved in social protests such as the gas conflict and the Cochabamba protests of 2000, along with many other groups, that are collectively referred to as "social movements" in Bolivia. The MAS aims at giving more power to the country's indigenous and poor communities by means of land reforms and redistribution of gas wealth.

Evo Morales has declared himself the first Amerindian president, a controversial claim due to the Amerindian heritages of such prior Bolivian presidents as Andres de Santa Cruz , Mariano Melgarejo (1864), Carlos Quintanilla (1939), Rene Barrientos (1964), Juan Jose Torres (1976), Luis Garcia Meza (1980), and Celso Torrelio (1981). However, none of these presidents were democratically elected, with the exception of Barrientos with the full support of the Bolivian military establishment. While the claim is a potent symbol, it has been challenged publicly by the novelist and erstwhile right-wing Peruvian presidential candidate Mario Vargas Llosa, who accuses Morales of fomenting racial divisions in an increasingly mestizo Latin America.

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