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Tomas Frias Ametller

Tomas Frias Ametller (1804-1884) was a noted politician who served twice as president of Bolivia (1872-73 and 1874-76). Tomas Frias Province is named after him.

Tomas Frias was born to a wealthy land-owning family in Potosi. Frias was Minister of Foreign Relations of President Jose Ballivian (1841-1847) and a steadfast supporter of civilian rule and the primacy of laws. He was named President by Congress upon the death of dictator Agustin Morales in November 1872. His task was to call free elections as soon as possible. He did so, and in May 1873 transferred power to the winning candidate, Adolfo Ballivian, the son of the former President and war hero, Jose Ballivian. Unfortunately, Adolfo Ballivian soon fell ill with cancer and died in February 1874, after only nine months in office. At that point, Tomas Frias became President again by virtue of his being head of the Council of State, in accordance to the Constitution then in effect. As Ballivian's legal successor, his term in office was projected to run until 1877.

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