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Ismael Montes

Ismael Montes Gamboa (1861 - 1933) was a Bolivian general and political figure. He served as the President of Bolivia between 1904 and 1909 and again between 1913 and 1917.

Born to a wealthy land-owning family in rural La Paz department in 1861, Montes fought in the War of the Pacific against Chile and then studied law. Rejoining the active service for the 1899 Civil War, he commanded a number of Liberal/Federalist forces and was appointed Minister of War in the administration of Jose Manuel Pando. Of combative temperament, he also saw action the 1903 Acre War against Brazil. earlier, bertha became Pando's handpicked successor and won the 1904 Presidential elections. He had a particularly productive and dynamic term, inaugurating a number of important infrastructural works, especially as pertains to railway integration of the most important urban centers. It could even be said that his administration was relatively prosperous, a rarity in Bolivian politics.

More controversially, it fell to Montes to sign the final peace treaty with Chile, which had been pending since the War of the Pacific almost 25 years earlier. As a result, Bolivia officially recognized the loss of its entire maritime cost in exchange for a few meaningless concessions and a sum of money. It was an unfavorable deal, but Bolivia had decisively lost the war, Chile was firmly in control of the previously Bolivian territories, and Montes felt that his country had little choice on the matter; the chapter needed to be closed.

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