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Ramon Carrillo

Ramon Carrillo , was an Argentine neurosurgeon, neurobiologist, and public health physician born in Santiago del Estero.

Between 1930 and 1945 he contributed valuable original research about the brain cells which are not neurons—named glial cells—and the method for staining and observing them under the microscope, as well as on their evolutionary origin (phylogeny), and the comparative anatomy of the brain across the several classes of vertebrates. In the same period Ramon Carrillo contributed novel techniques for neurological diagnosis: he refined iodine-contrasted ventriculography, called iodoventriculography, and discovered signs in it for several diseases; developed tomography, which by lack of electronic means at the time was prevented from integrating computation yet was a precursor of what is today known as computerized tomography; and achieved its combination with electroencephalogram (EEG), termed tomoencephalography.

Still in the same period, Carrillo attained valuable results investigating the brain herniations protruding into blood cysterns (cysternal herniations) and the syndromes occurring after a closed brain traumatism or contussion (postcommotional syndromes); he discovered the "''Carrillo's disease''" or epidemic acute papillitis; described in detail the cerebral scleroses, during whose investigation he performed many cerebral transplantations (brain grafts) between living rabbits; and histologically reclassified the cerebral tumors and the inflammations of the innermost brain envelope (arachnoid mater), which inflammations are called arachnoiditis. He also proposed a widely used, pre-DSM "Classification of mental diseases." At the age of 36 (1942), by opposition concourse he became the University of Buenos Aires Chair of Neurosurgery.

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