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Afro Argentine

Topics: Argentine people by ethnic or national origin Argentine society

Afro-Argentines are Argentines of African descent. Though Argentina's population is overwhelmingly of white European descent, the city of Buenos Aires was a slave-trading port during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. At one point, thirty percent of Buenos Aires' population were black and mixed-race slaves.

In the Independence wars, blacks and mulattos were usually recruited in separate corps known as pardos (mulattos) and morenos (darker-skinned blacks); both became famous for their loyalty and bravery. A (probably apocryphal) story relates that a black Argentine soldier known as Falucho resisted an offense to the Argentine flag made by Peruvian royalist soldiers, and paid with his life.

Juan Manuel de Rosas was accused by his opponents of using the black communities in Buenos Aires in as in his militia when dealing with opposition for several unsuccessful campaigns against Brazil and Uruguay. He would send the military into Black neighborhoods to conscript all the Black men. Prior to the conscriptions, the two major Afro-Argentinian musical genre, Candombe flourished.

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