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Antonio Ruiz (Falucho)

Antonio Ruiz was an Argentine soldier. He is the national hero of Argentina. Falucho is the nickname of Second Corporal Antonio Ruiz, an Afro-Argentine hero of independence. Ruiz fought in Jose de San Martins army of the andes. According to history (some would say legend), Corporal Ruiz, born a slave (perhaps in Africa), served in the Regiment of the River Plate and died while defending the colors (white and light blue) of the revolutionary flag against traitors during a revolt at the fort of Callao (in Peru) on February 6, 1824. Rather than hoist the Spanish flag, Falucho was shot by the traitors, Crying out with his last breath, (Viva Buenos Aires!).

Miter wrote Falucho was born in Buenos Aires and his real name was Antonio Ruiz. The story was republished by Falucho Miter Nation 6, 7, 8 and 9 April 1875. Years after the work is "History of San Martin and American emancipation. Regarding Falucho, Miter writes: "The Spanish flag was hoisted on the tower Independence, with an overall saving of castles (February 7). A black soldier from the regiment of the Rio de la Plata, born in Buenos Aires named Antonio Ruiz (whose surname Falucho), who struggled to do justice, was shot at the foot of the Spanish flag. He died shouting Viva Buenos Aires! ".

According to historian Mantilla in a list of the end of 1819, there was a second Antonio Ruiz out in the company of Captain Manuel Diaz. While in the Pedro Jose Diaz was no Antonio Ruiz. Many authors claim that the heroic death of Falucho was an invention of Miter. In light of all existing evidence. The only thing we know for sure is that, certainly died in El Callao, a black soldier who heroically refused to honor the flag realistic. But certainly, this soldier was not Falucho. Falucho was a black soldier in the 8th battalion of the Army of the Andes that was possibly the second Antonio Ruiz out. This soldier was well known to San Martin and Guido and lived in Lima in 1830.

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