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Eduardo Newbery

Eduardo Federico Newbery (18721908) was an Argentine doctor and aerostat pilot of North American descent. His father Ralph Lamartine Newbery, emigrated from Long Island, New York, and settled in Argentina after the American Civil War war where he took part at the Battle of Gettysburg. Eduardo was one the of aviation pioneer Jorge Newbery's siblings (the other's were Ernesto Purcell, Elena Rosa, Rodolfo Leon y Maria de los Dolores (twins) Elvira Teresa, Emma Catalina, Carlos Alfredo, Luis Alfredo, Juan Alberto Martin and Ana Eva),

Eduardo Newbery took several flights across Argentina. He was admired by many becoming a celebrity in its own time. His mother, however, disapproved of his passion, always fearing for the worst. His brother Jorge, however, was arguably his number one fan, and felt great respect and admiration for Eduardo.

On October 17, 1908, Eduardo Newbery took off on the aerostat "Pampero" along with Argentine Army Corporal Eduardo Romero (who happened board at the last minute responding to an invitation by Newbery). The flight that would take them northbound from Buenos Aires in an attempt to achieve a night-flying record ended in tragedy and the ambition ultimately took both their lives . Neither the aerostat nor it's pilot or companion were ever found. Eduardo Newbery and Eduardo Romero were the first Argentines ever to perish in an aircraft accident.

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