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Jose Ber Gelbard

Jose Ber Gelbard was an Argentine activist and politician.

Gelbard was born in Radomsko, Poland, in 1917. In 1930 Gelbard emigrated to Argentina with his parents and siblings. They settled in Tucuman, 800 miles north of Buenos Aires. Those were tough times and Gelbard had to make a living as a street peddler of men's ties and belts. In 1938 he married Dina Haskel. They settled in Catamarca and he started a men's clothing store named "Casa Nueva York".

Gelbard was a political activist, involved in several causes, including Jewish armed groups defending the Jewish community in Tucuman from the abuses of local Nazi groups, and joined the [[w:es:Union Democratica|Democratic Union]], a loose alliance against populist candidate Juan Peron, during the 1945-46 electoral campaign. In the late 40's, he embraced the idea that the only way Argentina was going to grow was if the small and medium business sectors prospered, and if the millions of small industries and merchants were united as a force that could negotiate with Peron's pro labor forces.

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