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Salvador Maria del Carril

Salvador Maria del Carril was a prominent Argentine jurist and policy-maker, as well as his country's first Vice President

Born in the Andes-range city of San Juan, Argentina, del Carril was a precocious student, and enrolled in the University of Cordoba Law School while still in his teens. Mentored by the school's prestigious ecclesiatical Dean, Gregorio Funes, del Carril received a juris doctor in 1816, at age 18. He relocated to Buenos Aires, the capital of the newly-declared United Provinces of South America, and following a stint as a journalist, he was appointed as an official in the Finance Ministry.

Del Carril's efforts, however, had gained him the respect of the influential Bernardino Rivadavia, a Buenos Aires lawmaker who, in 1826, was elected the first President of Argentina, and who appointed del Carril Argentina's first Finance Minister. Saddled by the Argentina-Brazil War, the nation's finances became dependent on credit from Baring Brothers in London, and del Carril offered the nation's exports as collateral. His introduction of the Argentine peso fuerte - the first local currency convertible into gold, and the first in Argentina with that name - concentrated wealth into exporters and others with access to hard currency, making peso circulation scarce for the public in general and the war more difficult to finance. Rivadavia's National Bank was mismanaged under del Carril, additionally, and unrest resulted in President Rivadavia's resignation in 1827.

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