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Miguel Najdorf

Miguel Najdorf (born Mendel (Mieczyslaw) Najdorf in Grodzisk Mazowiecki near Warsaw, Poland, April 15, 1910 – died in Malaga, Spain, July 4, 1997) was a Polish-born Argentine chess grandmaster of Jewish origin, famous for his Najdorf Variation.

Mieczyslaw Najdorf was tutored first by Dawid Przepiorka, then by Savielly Tartakower, the latter of whom he always referred to as "my teacher".

In September 1939, after the 8th Olympiad, Najdorf tied for first with Paul Keres at Buenos Aires (Circulo); the two scored 8.5/11. In 1941, he took second, after Gideon Stahlberg at Mar del Plata, with 12.5/17. Later in 1941, he finished equal first with Stahlberg at Buenos Aires, the two scoring 11/14. In 1942, he won at Mar del Plata, with 13.5/17, ahead of Stahlberg. In 1943, he was second at Mar del Plata, behind Stalhberg, scoring 10/13. In 1943, he won at Rosario. In 1944, he won at La Plata, with 13/16, ahead of Stahlberg. In 1944, he tied for first with Herman Pilnik at Mar del Plata, with each scoring 12/15. In 1945, he won at Buenos Aires (Roberto Grau Memorial), with 10/12, ahead of Stahlberg and Carlos Guimard. He took second place at Vina del Mar 1945, with 10.5/13, behind Guimard, then won Mar del Plata 1945 with 11/15, ahead of Stahlberg, and repeated at Mar del Plata 1946 with 16/18, ahead of Guimard and Stahlberg. He also won at Rio de Janeiro 1946.

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Miguel Najdorf vs Gideon Stahlberg, Lodz 1938, Queen's Gambit Declined, Semi-Tarrasch Defence (D40), 1-0

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