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Ramon Mestre

Ramon Bautista Mestre , an Argentine politician, was Governor of Cordoba from July 12, 1995 to July 12, 1999. He also served as Federal Interventor of Corrientes Province , Minister of the Interior , and Mayor of the city of Cordoba (from December 1983 to December 1991).

A disciple of Cordoba 52nd Governor Justo Paez Molina, Mestre began his political career as a member of the Radical Civic Union Party (Union Civica Radical or UCR). He entered the Paez Molina government after a career in the Student Union Organizations while studying in the University of Cordoba Dentistry School. In the Paez Molina Government he was Deputy Health Secretary (1964) and Governors Chief of Staff (1965). After the 1966 military coup d'etat that overthrew President Illia's national government and Paez Molinas provincial one, he work as a dentist in the private field. From 1973 to 1976 he was a Cordoba Province Representative in the Argentine Chamber of Deputies and leader of his Party Group for a period.

In 1994, he was elected to the National Convention for the Constitution Reform. In 1995, he was elected Governor of Cordoba. During his brief mandate, the economic problems were become serious, added to the suspicions of corruption of their assistants' civil employees, the high fiscal deficit, and the prepotent characteristics of his personality, his government quickly became unpopular. In 1999, he failed to win reelection and the Peronist Party won the Province Government after 25 years out of power, and Jose Manuel De la Sota became the 56th Governor. In 1999 until 2001, Mestre served as Federal Interventor in Corrientes Province, then he was Minister of the Interior during 2001. He had a high degree of responsibility in the bloody repression of the disturbances of Plaza de Mayo, in December 2001, that precipitated the fall of the president de la Rua.

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