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Agustin Tosco

'Agustin GringoTosco' was an Argentine union leader, member of the CGT de los Argentinos and an important participant in the historic local uprising known as the Cordobazo.

At 27 years old, he was the general secretary for Luz y Fuerza (Light and Power utilities workers) in the province of Cordoba. Tosco felt that nothing could substitute for general assemblies, which he considered superior to representative comities, and that labor struggles should not simply focus on salary demands. His ideology can be described as anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, and anti-bureaucratic.

He constantly fought against bureaucracy in the union. One of his most famous enemies in this regard was Jose Ignacio Rucci, another prominent leader in the CGT. About this, Tosco said the following, "Rucci and his disciples are prisoners of their commitment to the powerful, prisoners of the guardians who lend them the political apparatus, prisoners of a jail from which they can never escape: that of submission and indignity." Tosco and Rucci had many public clashes.

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