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Osvaldo Bayer

Osvaldo Bayer is an Argentine anarcho-communist historian, journalist and film scenarist. He lives today mostly in Buenos Aires, he had a home in Berlin, where he went into exile during the "National Reorganization Process" dictatorship. Fernando Lopez Trujillo, An Interview with Osvaldo Bayer, Argentine Public Intellectual and Social Historian, Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, Vol. 5 - No. 2. Fall, 2001

During Maria Estela Martinez de Peron's regime, Bayer was threatened several times, due to the content of his work, and mainly of his book La Patagonia Rebelde, on the crushing of a rural workers uprising in Patagonia during the early 1920s, under Hipolito Yrigoyen's rule. He was therefore forced to exile himself to Berlin in 1975, while the "Dirty War" was beginning, and only returned after Raul Alfonsin's 1983 election and the transition to democracy.

Bayer is today involved in the struggle for Indigenous rights. Fifteen days after having been declared "Illustrious Citizen of Buenos Aires" by the mayor Anibal Ibarra, he was declared persona non grata by the Senate (an initiative of Eduardo Menem) for having proposed the unification of the Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia, as the "first step for a common Latin-American market".Osvaldo Bayer, Despues de anoche, solo me queda Marlene, Pagina 12, 4 June 2007

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