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Sara Gallardo

Sara Gallardo (1931 - 1988) was an influential Brizuela, Leopoldo (4 January 2004) "Escrito en las llamas" ("Writing in the Flames") Pagina/12 Buenos Aires, Argentina in Spanish Argentine author, noted, among other things, for her magical realism.

She was married twice, first to Luis Pico Estrada and then to Hector A. Murena. Gallardo began publishing in 1958. In addition to her numerous newspaper columns and essays, she published five novels, a collection of short stories, several childrens books, and a number of travelogues. She contributed to the magazines Primera Plana, Panorama and Confirmado among others. "Sara Gallardo" El Broli Argentino She is quoted as often saying, "Writing is an absurd and heroic activity.""Escribir es un oficio absurdo y heroico" "Sara Gallardo" El Broli Argentino She was widowed in 1975.

Enero ("January ")(1958)Gallardo, Sara (1958) Enero Editorial Sudamericana, Buenos Aires, OCLC 4977668, reprinted in numerous editions was her first novel and details the intensely private world of an adolescent farmworker. It is written in a deliberately ambiguous way to reflect the confusions that face the heroine as she deals with her unwanted pregnancy, the product of her being raped.

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