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Carupano is a city in the eastern Venezuelan state of Sucre. It is located on the Venezuelan Caribbean coast at the opening of two valleys, some 120 km east of the capital of Sucre, Cumana. This city is the shire town of the Bermudez Municipality and, according to the 2001 Venezuelan census, the municipality has a population of 122,195.


It was somewhere on the Peninsula of Paria, near Carupano, where Christopher Columbus first set foot on the American continent for the first and only time, during his third voyage (in all his other trips he only explored the Caribbean islands).

It was in Carupano where Simon Bolivar, the liberator of Venezuela, issued a decree ending slavery in 1814.

Carupano features a peculiar mixture of races, as during the 19th century it was the target of European immigration from Corsica and Sardinia, among other locations.

At around midnight on May 4, 1962, military officers in rebellion against the government of Romulo Betancourt, took over the city of Carupano. The insurgents, under control of Captain Jesus Teodoro Molina Villegas, Major Pedro Vegas Castejon, and Lieutenant Hector Fleming Mendoza, occupied the city's streets and buildings, the airport, and the radio station, Radio Carupano, which they used to broadcast their message, calling themselves the Movimiento de Recuperacion Democratica (Movement of Democratic Recuperation). President Betancourt demanded that the rebels surrender, but at the same he ordered the air force began to attack the city and the navy began blocking the seaport in an operation called Operacion Tenaza. The following day, the government was able to take over Carupano and its surroundings, arresting more than 400 military personnel and civilians that were involved in the rebellion. Those involved were Congressman Eloy Torres of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), as well as other member of that party and the Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria (MIR). As a result, Betancourt suspended constitutional guarantees, accused the PCV and MIR of being involved, and decreed both parties as illegal.

In July 1997, a violent earthquake struck the city and most of the state. This earthquake was centered in the town of Cariaco, where most of the deaths and damage occurred.


Cacao, coffee, sugar, cotton, timber and rum have been important exports of Carupano since colonial times. Carupanese rums are highly appreciated nationwide, so the internal consumption usually leaves little surplus rum for export.

As of November 2006, Carupano is a domestic scheduled destination of Avior Airlines.


The Bermudez Municipality, according to the 2001 Venezuelan census, has a population of 122,195 . This amounts to 15.5% of Sucre's population. The municipality's population density is 1,559 people per square mile (601.95/km).


Carupano is the shire town of the Bermudez Municipality in Sucre. The mayor of the Bermudez Municipality is Jose Ramon Regnault Hernandez, elected in 2004 with 53% of the vote. He replaced Claudio Marin Morales shorly after the last municipal elections in October 2004.

Sites of interest

House of Cable

The House of Cable was where the first submarine cable between Europe and America arrived, joining the French city of Marseille with Carupano, back in the late 19th century. This house is today the headquarters of the Tomas Merle foundation and the Paria Project, two organizations that promote tourism and industry.

Religious buildings

Iglesia de Santa Catalina de Siena

Iglesia de Santa Rosa de Lima

Squares and parks

Plaza Bolivar

Plaza Colon

Plaza Miranda

Notable natives

Famous Carupaneros include Wolfgang Larrazabal, former president of Venezuela; Jictzad Vina, Miss Venezuela 2005; Eladio Larez, president of Radio Caracas Television, one of Venezuela's largest television networks; and Washington Nationals major league baseball catcher Jesus Flores.

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