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Bocono is a city in the Venezuelan Andean state of Trujillo. Founded in 1560, this city is the shire town of the Bocono Municipality and, according to the 2001 Venezuelan census, the municipality has a population of 79,710.


Of native origin, the name Bocono comes from the word Komboc, the name of a local river. On October 12, 1548, Diego Ruiz de Vallejo left El Tocuyo, under orders of Juan Villegas, to conquest the Cuicas Province, a name that was giving by the natives that inhabited the area and where the Bocono valley was located, with the objective of taking gold from the mines that were supposedly in the area.

In 1558, an argument between Francisco Ruiz, sent by the governor of the province of Venezuela to occupy the sector of los Cuicas, and Juan de Maldonado, representative of the Real Audiencia del Nuevo Reino de Granada, occurred; Juan de Maldonado alleged that his people controlled those lands. Nevertheless, the capable work of Ruiz guaranteed that those lands were under the jurisdiction of Venezuela.

In 1786, the Bocono Canton was formed.

In 1811, Bocono was declared a villa and joined the independence movement. The Spanish Empire reacted by imprisoning and exiling Don Miguel Uzcategui, Mayor of the villa.

On two different occasions , Simon Bolivar visited Bocono, where he installed a base at Boca del Monte. While in Bocono, he stayed at the house of Mayor Jose Maria Baptista, expressed his admiration of the region, and declared the city "Garden of Venezuela".

On July 2, 1813, the Battle Niquitao in the Tirindi savanna took place, an event that occurred during the Admirable Campaign. Residents, the Mucuchies tribe, and numerous patriots together with Jose Felix Ribas, Vicente Campo Elias, and Rafael Urdaneta defeated the Spanish Army commanded by Jose Marti.

In 1864, the Bocono Department was formed.

In 1884, the Bocono Department became the Bocono District.

In 1955, the Bocono Airport was completed and, on September 3 of that year, the first planes began landing at the new airport.

In 1990, the Bocono District became the Bocono Municipality. The municipality was originally divided into 13 parishes ; Campo Elias separated to form its own municipality on January 30, 1995..

in June 30 of 1995 Bernardo Aceituno was borned in Bocono.


The Bocono Municipality, according to the 2001 Venezuelan census, has a population of 79,710 . This amounts to 13.1% of Trujillo's population. The municipality's population density is 151.3 people per square mile (58.40/km).


Bocono is the shire town of the Bocono Municipality in Trujillo. The municipality is divided into 12 parishes . The mayor of the Bocono Municipality is Luis Alirio Cabezas Bracamonte , elected in 2008 with 90% of the vote. The last municipal election was held in November 2008.

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