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Puerto Piritu

"' Port Piritu" ' is a venezolana city located north of the Anzoategui State.

It is the capital of the Municipio Fernando Penalver, the capital of the State is located 46 km from the Centre of Barcelona. Located on the central coast of Anzoategui with a population more than 11,000 inhabitants.

The current Puerto Piritu was founded in 1513 as "El Manjar", still retains an enormous amount of colonial buildings in the historic centre of the city. Tourism and fishing and trade are the main sources of income of Puerto Piritu.

Port Piritu is a tourist area par excellence as well as the other cities of Anzoategui State, due to the exceptional geographical conditions have between which highlights beautiful beaches and lagoons. This region is characterized by a sparse vegetation in contrast to large areas of beaches that are mostly frequented by domestic visitors; addition of being a very attractive tourist is a good place to live, has space to make your dreams a reality.

The eastern seaboard of Anzoategui has a tourist infrastructure of recent data, the resort of Puerto Piritu has a length of 600 meters of beaches in turbid waters that take a Brown when the sea is rough. Services include restaurants type "caneys", rent sunshades and umbrellas, there are also other spas as the ideal Rafael Hernandez Padilla, spa for those seeking a time to rest and relax.

Port Piritu has other attractions as Piritu La Laguna is also worthy of being accessed, has beautiful scenery of flora, fauna and typical beaches in the area. In the Centre of the city, nightlife has great activity, places that are highly visited to enjoy friends and shops, banks, pharmacies, shopping centres are available in the day.

On the outskirts of Puerto Piritu, on the road to Chacopata, tourists can enjoy a long stretch of beaches of high quality, has a large influx of visitors, tourists may find points of sale of services, product sales artisans, food native, gas stations, restaurants, among others.


All starts from the arrival in 1652 Franciscan Missionaries into the area, it was the point of entry and departure of colonization evangelising and inhabitant of the current Anzoategui State during the 17TH centuries and XVIII.Puerto Piritu began its history with its own identity in the mid-nineteenth century. Thanks to many margaritenas families, that people became the major commercial port output products of the guariquenos Plains and in the basin of river Unare point such that for 1928 was already district as it is today the municipality Penalver. today Puerto Piritu is a progressive by being a potential residential and tourist area city.

Its proximity to the largest petrochemical America as it is Jose and Boulevard Fernandez Padilla with its ocean view and extensive Beach and trade area, so confirm, similar to the Sun, who never seem to hide for lovers of fish and shellfish area, complex in where it would be a sin not refresh the sides walk Miranda, the Plaza Bolivar, the Church of our Lady of the Desamparados and the lagoon to buy crafts, admire the flamingos and the desire to return to her this Enchanted land.

Places of interest

"' The Lighthouse" ': it is one of the places you visit with more frequency in this beautiful city has varied shops, covering all your needs, considered one of the icons that represents this population.

"' Beach Puerto Piritu" ': main attraction Puerto tourist Piritu, where you can enjoy the beautiful waters of port piritu, Nuemrosas Beach families come to visit, and many have been living in this city.


The altitude of the city is 8 m

The city is located in a 10.04495 'n LAT and Long 65.033272 ' o


"' EU Pedro Rolingson Herrera" '

"' U.E.P mother Candelaria" '

"' U.E.P educational Institute Puerto Piritu" '

"' EU Francisco Fajardo" '

"' U.E.P. Edgar Marques" '

"' U.E.P. Christ Jose" '

"' EU Jose f. laya" '

"' EU Pedro Celestino Munoz" '

"' Naval Lyceum GD Jose Antonio Anzoategui" '


Road is approximately 45 minutes from Uchire Boca and 25 minutes from the city of Barcelona.

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