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Jovito Villalba

Jovito Villalba Gutierrez , was a Venezuelan lawyer and politician, member of the Generation of 1928, founder of the party URD (Democratic Republican Union) and signer of the Punto Fijo Pact.

Being born in 1908, were his parents Angela Gutierrez and Jovito Villalba. In 1921, is accepted in the Federal School of La Asuncion, where studied secondary education. After that, goes to Caracas, where continued his studies at the Liceo Caracas, presided by Romulo Gallegos. In 1926 start his career as lawyer at the Central University of Venezuela. From that, participates at numerous political activities, becoming from his speech in the National Pantheon in 1928, against the dictatorship of Juan Vicente Gomez, an important political figure. After that, on February 13, 1928, was imprisoned at El Cuno jail. During his first exile, resides in Mexico, where forms part of the Venezuelan Revolutionary Party. Returns to his country on April 7, 1928, participating in a coup against Gomez. After its failure, was imprisoned first in La Rotunda, and at a Fortress in Puerto Cabello, staying six years devoted to the study of law and languages learning.

The death of Juan Vicente Gomez in 1935, motivates Villalba's return to Venezuela. Participating in the events of February 14, 1936, a manifestation of academics, professionals and workers protesting against the economic measures and policies of President Eleazar Lopez Contreras. Following these protests, Villalba interview with Lopez Contreras, who accepted his requests. From that, forms along with Romulo Betancourt and Rodolfo Quintero, the clandestinely Partido Democratico Nacional (National Democratic Party). After that, is expelled from Venezuela. In 1937 married with Elsa Vera Fortique, divorcing in 1941. Exiles in Mexico and other Latin American countries, returning to continue his law studies at the Central University of Venezuela, graduating in 1943. The same year, was elected as senator for Nueva Esparta. In 1945, by initiative of Elias Toro, is created in Caracas the party Union Republicana Democratica (URD). Being Villalba its secretary general and becoming a spokesman for the idea of creating a government of national integration. Between 1945 to 1947, dedicates at the promotion and development of his party, and being one of the main opponents of the government.

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